Ever used a handbag image for desktop background?

  1. Confess.
    Yes I have.
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Yes, and on my phone :shame:
  5. no, if i did my parents would pick on me. If not for them I really would. LOL
  6. :shame: yes

    I also get embarrassed sometimes when the IT guys need to work on my laptop and the the favorites are bag related...lol
  7. yup on my laptop right now!!

    2 of my speedys with my 2 chihuahuas:smile:
  8. Always...;)
  9. What a hoot! I have 3 cats dressed up in bunny suits. (courtesy of stuffonmycat.com) There is a BEEE YOU TEE FULL, prada hobo in a wonderful lighting by NM that I would consider though!
  10. Yes, on both my pc desktop and on my cell phone. Not at the moment though.
  11. Yes, on my cell phone.
  12. Shamefully, yes. And it was my first LV bag, too.
  13. Yep, I have the pic below on my desktop! :P

  14. no... tempted to now
  15. Nope.