Ever use a resume writing service?

  1. Anyone ever use a resume writing service like what's offered on monster.com or elsewhere? If so, were you happy with the results?

    I've always thought my resume was pretty dang good, but I'm considering investing in a professional overhaul. I'm still researching this but any feedback on your experience would be most appreciated.

    The cost is about $200 - $400 depending on the package...so yeah a dig into the next bag fund ;).

  2. i have not, but i have written many resumes for friends. i have a writing background and i absolutely love doing it. if you want a second set of eyes to take a look at your resume for free, pm me!
  3. ^^ Baby, aren't you a gem! Thank you so much!!
  4. My daughter and I both did when we moved here to AZ in December. HUGE difference from the ones I did. Mine was downright pitiful! And I was even proud of it when I was done! ~sheesh!~

    The service that did mine was local to me. For $225 they prepared BOTh of our resumes and supplied the linen type paper and 100 copies of each one.

    My daughter landed her dream job with the first job she applied for.

    I faced quite a bit of age discrimination so it wasnt until March that I got hired. (after I took 6 weeks off when we moved here)

    I recommend resume services, but do your homework on them carefully. Many do sh*tty work.
  5. Pursegrrl, I will look at your resume too for free! I often overhaul friends' resumes. A few times it has helped them land jobs! Send it over to me if you like.
  6. Great advice - thanks!! I'm so glad it worked out wonderfully for both you and your daughter.
  7. I think that there are people out there who really need to use a resume service, or at least buy a book about resumes. I used to vet resumes for our organization, and so many resumes were absolutely atrocious - esp. cover letters.
  8. That's how I felt when I used to work in HR and had to hire people. LOL!

    As far as a service I really think it depends on your writing skills. Many of the techniques can be picked up with some thought and a good resume book.

    If you need a second or third set of eyes, I'd be happy to help.
  9. I have never used one myself. My friend was writing her first resume and used one. She seemed to like it. I would go to a walk in and sit down place if they are available.

    Try writing it yourself. Beef it up and let other people look at it too.
  10. I have not. I would love if one of you ladies with good writing skills could tell me what you think of mine. If anyone is interested you can pm me :smile: I think it could probably look way better.