Ever unsure as to whether it was the "color" or the "bag" ? Need help again.

  1. I am still confused over the blue jean bolide decision. Bag is probably gone now, but for the sake of my SA's sanity, I should resolve my dilemna in case it isnt, or before another one pops up. I almost bought this Monday, but then hesitated. I thought my hesitation was the color, but now I am not so sure. I am thinking it may be because its clemence and blue jean looks more intense in clemence than, say, togo. Whereas I prefer the less intense togo. Or whether its the color in this bag - I love my black bolide, but could it be that the topstitching looks too busy to me on this particular bag. Or could it be that I would really rather hold out for a blue jean togo birkin (assuming I could find one some time in this century?). Or lastly - maybe I just love this bag and am trying to talk myself out of spending $5K.

    You guys seem to be clearer in identifying your own preferences than I am - I really admire/envy that. At work, people say I am a great manager and a "prompt decisionmaker" - why is it so easy for me to make decisions in the workplace, but so hard for me about things like accessories?

    If any of you have ideas about the "substantive" issue (eg, BJ bolide or not, BJ birkin or not?) your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated. I have a feeling that at least one of you (not sure which one yet though) is going to say "Why not buy both?"

    Yes that thought ran through my mind too.
  2. Sounds like a "no" to the bj bolide with a nasty little devil voice suggesting you could have had a new bag...

    Yes, I can relate to the color/bag issue... I would also add size... Tried a 30 birkin...too small...tried a 35 birkin...just right in black...gold...waiting to determine...tried a 35 kelly...can not do rose shocking...just right in black...wanting a color...tried a 32 rigide/sellier kelly...almost...maybe if I lost 10-15 pounds the proportions would feel better...what the hell...eat the chocolates and drink the wine since I love 35 cms...
  3. Yes, chocolates and wine. Maybe a 40 cm Birkin?
  4. Hey Jedimaster,
    Let me try to take a stab... you like mou Bolides, so I think Clemence, Togo and Cherve ?

    Scenerio 1:
    Clemence vs Togo? Clemence BJ is more intense than Togo, I personally like BJ in clemence. Is it because, BJ is outside your comfort zone? If BJ is in Togo, will you grab this??

    Scenerio 2:
    BJ vs Gold (or other color)? Maybe BJ is outside your comfort zone, it's a bright color, I recall reading you have a black bolide, so maybe you like neutral colors.. how about Gold Bolide, Rouge H bolide? Etoupe Bolide? How would you feel/react?

    Scenerio 3:
    BJ with white stitching should reserve for Birkin? Is it because this color combo suits a more causal look? Like a birkin instead of a bolide?

    Scenerio 4:
    Talking yourself out of this purchase? I think it's one of the scenerio above that is bothering you, that is why you are talking/justifying it :smile: I did so when I passed on the Clemence BJ Kelly. I had such a hard time, 2 sleepless nights. In the morning, I said "Go for it!: At night, "no no no, wait for the Togo BJ Kelly".

    Tell your SA to call you when there are neutral color bolides and drop in to see if you like the color and if it sings to you. Hopefully, that will sort it out when you have something to compare to.

    G'luck! :balloon:
  5. This is a pickle. All I can say is please do not buy anything that totally doesn't WOW you. These bags are too expensive to settle for anything less.

    The suggestion of Rouge H is wonderful - saw one in Clemence and it was gorgeous!
    You might not find any BJ Togo BOlides - this color in Togo is not available in new bags for awhile.
  6. eeks! BJ Togo Kelly as well? :wtf: I will be patient.. one day it will be mine!

  7. princess frog - you really helped me sort through this - I even printed out your post! Greentea, thanks for your good sense on the question too. There will always be another bj bolide, but I need to take a few more days or as long as it takes to be clear on the selection.
  8. princessfrog, the thing about BJ Togo was reported from the mothership in Paris. It's not supposed to be made for this podium period, which is 6 months.BUT, I have seen a few BJ Togo Kellys floating around. People here have been buying them. I even tried one on last month!
  9. Jedi: Glad I can help, I was in the same position not too long ago. :shame:

    There will always be the other bag around, so don't worry (I should not be worried about BJ Togo Kelly too)

    Greentea: Thanks for info! Oh well, I have time to wait for the BJ Kelly, not this year, than next year, if not the year after.. one day it will come :yes:
  10. i saw a blue jean togo kelly, i think it was 32 cm, at my local store. i think it's been sold. like the other ladies said, these bags are too expensive to second guess.