Ever try ULTA products??

  1. Has anyone ever tried ULTA products?? I walked into ULTA today get get some eyelid primer and I saw a sale on ULTA product. A huge kit with 73 items that was retail $195 but on sale for $25. (19.99 if you were a club member! YAY!) I bought 3 sets for Christmas gifts.

    I looked at some shadows they had to play with and it was really pretty. Anyone ever try anything from them? If so, which ones, and what did you think of it?? Any good for all day make up, just the night, or just to play with and experiement for fun?? If theyre no good, then I might just return them.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. I've used Ulta make up here and there just to play with in the past but last weekend I stopped by and bought the big holiday kit myself and loved it! The colors are great and the eyeshadow stays on perfect with my Urban Decay Primer. I went back and bought a second case today, lol! I was really surprised, I even like the blushes....even better than MAC!

  3. i bought 3, 2 for family and one for myself. i wasnt sure if i should return it or not, but man u seem to love yours... so maybe ill go back and pick up another one for when my case runs out?? haha. i got 2 golds, and a black. and i just picked up the urban decay primer too. so i cant wait to use it!
  4. I think I just bought the same exact kit you got!
    But I got mine for $11.26 through the deals and steals forum at this link here:


    The website was having a fluke and took $20 off the price instead of 20% so it ended up being $4.99 + $5 for shipping! It was awesome! I snagged one before the website realized what was happening and so did a bunch of other tPFers too.

    The makeup kit arrived yesterday but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'm thinking of saving it as a Christmas present or for my sister's upcoming birthday. The makeup pigment looks like any brand I can find at a drugstore so I'm not sure how the quality is...
  5. I've used eyshadows, lipgloss, and perfume (Cocoa Rose). I really like the quality of their products.

  6. oh wow $20 off! lucky u!! :tup: