Ever tried to sneak a purchase past SO?

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  1. I try to time my orders so that deliveries arrive during the week while SO is at the office. Recently, I ordered some shoes from Saks on a Friday thinking they would get here the following week. The next day, SO opened the front door to go for a run. Three seconds later he came back in with a package. I happened to be on tPF at the time (perfect timing right?).
    He didn't say a word, just put the package on the bed and went back out. :p
  2. I have 1 bag/luggage that he doesnt know about...I didnt mean to hide it...just never got to show it to him...but, Ive decided that I will do this more often....lol...

    It will save alot of stress and unnecessary conversation in the future....:sneaky::wacko:
  3. I do..even tho he tells me that as long as I have enough money to pay for the bills & house stuff..that I can buy whatever I want..I still sometimes catch myself rejoicing when his car is not in the driveway, then running up the stairs with all my new loot and putting it away b4 he gets home..I guess its so I dont have to see him raise an eyebrow & ask how much I spent...
  4. i pay for all my stuff from my money, so i dont mind...i am anal about not owing anything to anyone, even my SO, so i would never accept an expensive gift ( i know, weirdo ) . So he is just happy when a new bag comes in, he says he loves looking at my happiness and gives out that i am not so radiant and happy when i see him as when i see a new purse! :nuts:
  5. All the time. I'm spending my own money but I still don't want to see him give me that look!
  6. Sometimes I do. It's my own money so he doesn't care but I hate seeing the look on his face when I buy a new bag. He's a college student so he doesn't have much money & he tells me all the time that he wishes he could be the one buying me my bags. He gets very upset at himself :sad:
  7. Hell no.......I know there was another thread similar to this one and my POV was, "If I had to hide stuff from him..........I would NOT be with him!" Not only do I waltz in with my bags (If by chance he was not on the shopping trip with me, or it came in the mail) with a skip in my step, he stops me and wants me to try on everything I purchased! It did, however, take me a LONG time to find him and have been with people in the past who were idiots so I learned not to go there any more!!! Get a good one and be DONE! :yes:
  8. there are some things i don't bring to his attention. there are things he buys that he doesn't bring to my attention, as long as nobody breaks the bank...everything's ok

    i don't buy a whole lot, but when i do make a purchase it is usually a high quality product that will last for many seasons.
  9. Nope. DH and I put all our earnings into a joint account, so it's family money and none of it is earmarked as specifically his or mine. If I were to hide a purchase from him, I'd feel guilty as heck and, well, he'd eventually figure it out since he's in charge of bill-paying!

    For smaller purchases ($200 and under), I don't tell him about it since he doesn't mind that level of spending, but for anythiing above $200, I definitely inform him so there are no surprises.
  10. MY DH does not notice anything. I can paint a room a different color and 4 months later he will ask did I just paint the room. It is funny with purses I will have something for a year and wear it and then one day he will ask if it is new..... I don't need to hide anything from him.
  11. I try? haha but I break down and tell him coz I want to share my happiness..most of the time he smiles and says "cool" I'm like you're supposed to say GORGEOUS!

    I do tone down the prices a little though hehe..most of the time he believes me unless it's a Chanel! (I shld not have 'educated' him!)
  12. No, I don't hide it. But he does give me the "oh hunnie... do you really need another one?" But then he usually looks at it and says it looks really good on me and smiles and let's it go. :p

    We are not in debt and we pay for our own things and I don't mind if he goes shopping now and then, as long as we can save a little and still have fun it's all good. :smile:

    But sometimes it's really cute when he calls to ask if he can buy this and that. I'll always say if he can afford it and it wouldn't put you pack on your bills or make you tight on your budget then go for it.
  13. Kinda.

    When I "bought" (and I put it between quotation marks because it was a purchase financed by my mother -she loaned me the money interest free) my Birkin, I totally sneaked it. In fact, it's well hidden in between the rest of the handbags.

    Maybe one day I'll tell him!
  14. I'm ashamed but yes I do...
    He laways sees what I purchaced just doesn't always know the when. Tiiming is everything you know...
  15. All the time.