Ever tried "Sun-In"?

  1. Has anyone ever used or heard of something called "Sun-In"? I dont know if thats the right spelling. Its for your hair. Its supposed to let sun in (obviously) to gradually lighten your hair color without having to dye it.

    Pros? Cons? Thanks everyone!
  2. Please! If you value your hair, DONT USE IT! It's the most horrible stuff. It will destroy your hair. I used it when I was in high school & my hair was never the same. It's extremely harsh & you will have to have it cut out if you don't like it. There is no way of "fixing it". I had 2 stylists tell me that using it is one of the worst things you could ever do. :shocked:
  3. I agree. Don't do it! I used it years ago in high school. Besides not being good for your hair, it looks kind of brassy.
  4. bad bad bad bad bad stuff.

    if you have ANY red in your hair at ALL your hair will turn orange! actually, if i remember correctly abandoned, your hair tone (dark dark brown with warm tones) is exactly the type that has the most problems. i'm talking pumpkins and carrots brassy. :shocked: it works best on light light dirty blondes and fairer, but even then it's very drying and damaging and almost impossible to dye over. stay away! :smile:

    you'd be much better off going to a salon and getting subtle highlights, even if it is more expensive. your hair will thank you! :yes:
  5. brassy indeed!! made for blondes. on brown hair it turns a carrot-y color. hard to dye over too because as the dye fades you get the brassy-ness undertones.
  6. It causes a chemical reaction that never leaves the treated hair until it is cut off. If you get any kind of chemical service such as straightening,perming,or actual haircoloring after using Sun-In, the chances of the hair just breaking off are probably about 70% greater than if you never used Sun-In. So if you hate it, you could make your hair break off tyring to color your hair back.
  7. I remember using it in highschool...it made my hair orange! (I have very light brown-dark blond hair)
  8. WOW- flash back to high school..if you like the color orange..go for it...NOT...LOL!
  9. Like everyone else said.. it is AWFUL!! I used it in high school in my beach/surfing days and I had yellow hair. YELLOW not blonde. It was not good at all
  10. DO NOT USE THIS! It ruined my hair for like 6 months!! It made it an ORANGEY POOPY color!
  11. I used it in my hair all summer when i was 14. When I got back from summer camp, my family thought I dyed my hair blonde.
  12. Sing it with me, ladies:"Sun-in and sunlight, and you'll be blonder tonight":roflmfao:

    I used it when I was a teenager, along with my Bain de Soleil "for that St Tropez tan" and when I got home from Tibbetts I'd wash my hair with "Lemon-Up" shampoo to bring out all the highlights. I fried my hair like an egg back then-it was very harsh!
  13. "Sun In"? That stuff's been around forever! I used it in high school and my hair turned orange.:sick: I haven't heard of that product for years- I thought it was loooooooong gone.
    If your hair is naturally dark, don't use it!:yucky:
  14. what about Clairol's Touch of Sun? it does the same thing .. is it just as bad for your hair?
  15. Basically the same stuff, just as bad..