Ever thought about dying the lining of your CHANEL?

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  1. This will probably sound crazy to most of you (I didn't sleep last night :P), but I was wondering if it was possible to dye the interior deep red/burgundy lining of your CHANEL. I mean, if I was going darker do you think I would have to lift the color at all? Has anyone else ever tried it or at least thought about it? I've just become fascinated with the idea of customizing Chanel since I've heard it can and has been done. I mean, how awesome would that be to have a classic flap with neon lining? Or for the more conservative, black lambskin with black lining etc.?

    Logistically, I could see where problems abound, i.e. protecting the hologram and inside label but what if you don't plan on ever reselling? I'm sure I could find some way to safeguard the important parts. People dye leather goods all the time and the lining is just leather, am I right? Am I crazy or could DIY and CHANEL mix for harmonious customization :graucho:?
  2. they customized lining at fashions night out but there they just offered to put gold or silver in instead (black had to be with the burgundy however)

    you could switch the lining then vs dye it... as long as you are talking about no need for hologram...
  3. It's definitely possible to dye the inner lining of your bag since it's all leather as well. But I never have tried/considered it, and never will. It strikes me as a strange idea, kind of like dying the inside of your clothes. Nobody will see it anyway. If you need a change of lining once in a while, I suggest using a scarf to line your bag like I do. I have a few Hermes scarves for that sole purpose :P Beautiful, and won't hurt the integrity or value of your Chanel bag one bit.
  4. ooooo that sounds lovely. it's like for your eyes only... make your day :smile:

  5. It's not once in awhile that I want it differently but rather a constant desire. I know no one will see it, but I will and I'm a bit of a brat when it comes to getting what I want the way I want it, kwim :pout::shame:? You're both right, however, perhaps maybe I'll try using a different scarf before taking drastic DIY measures. But mark my words, in this lifetime I will DIY a CHANEL bag whether that means hand-painting, embroidering, or studding etc. the front or dying the lining and it will look marvelous!
  6. I like this idea! I have some gorgeous vintage scarfs that I don't wear but would be great for this purpose! Good tip!
  7. That's a cool idea but I would be wayy too scared of damaging my chanel. I really like the scarf idea.
  8. nope, haven't thought about it.
  9. It's possible since the lining is leather but personally, I wouldn't do it on my own.
  10. :biggrin: that made me LOL. Never? Maybe I'll take one for the team (or in this case my own personal satisfaction :amuse:) on my next purchase, which will hopefully be very sooon!
  11. I'm really itchy to do this on my old bag, but not interior - I'd like to try to handpaint exterior! I just not sure what dye would be good for that?
  12. sounds like a cute idea but i do like the red interior of my chanels, so i dont think i will be changing it.
  13. i've never thought of that either... i love the black with burgundy interior though... i wish the black caviar comes with burgundy interior as well. anyways, i think chanel has released classic flaps with neon interior before, not sure what the exterior color is, but i remember it was black.
  14. ^ I had to laugh at that (bold). You're so right! What's the use?

    OP, I've thought about doing just that but would never dare change the integrity of my Chanel bag. I think it'd be fun to try it out on a pre-owned bag that I purchased dirt cheap but never never would I try it out on a brand new bag.

  15. This is a great idea! I will try this too...And it can prevent scratches to the lamb lining!