Ever think you.......

  1. Ever think you know somebody, then they turn out to be the complete opposite??
    I have the perfect example, check out the link...
    This man was trusted in our community, one of my good friends, and my SO's good friend. He was a black belt in Karate, a volunteer at a few different recreational centers, very close to being a professional UFC fighter, an amazing basketball player, and so much more...and now, this! He was the last person I would think to do anything like this. He had such a life ahead of him.
    What is crazy, is that a few years back almost the same thing happened with a different close friend! He was picking up girls at bus stops and raping them at gunpoint! Now hes serving life in prison.
    People never cease to amaze me.
    Anyone have any similar stories??
  2. Wow...just wow. I'm so sorry about this!

    When I was 8 years old my cousins best friend's brother tried raping me at my own first communion party! And my cousin's best friend has not spoken to his brother since that day!
  3. That is really sad! I do know what you mean, though. I have an uncle that I looked up to when I was younger. Without getting into details, it turns out he is a total loser in a very big bad way. It hurts when someone you think so highly of disappoints you!
  4. WOW. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I'm sure it effects you in some way.
  5. I'm sorry about that.

    I know what you mean. That's why I don't really trust anybody that's not family (and even then sometimes) a 100%.
  6. Wow! That's crazy. I'm sorry you have to go through this mess. You can never really know anyone anymore. I totally know how you feel. I knew a man (family friend) who was so nice and generous and out of the blue one day got arressted. Apparently he was a crazy con artist that stole thousands beyond thousands of dollars from friends, relatives, strangers, AND EVEN HIS OWN DISABLED MOTHER!! Sickens me. Even worst thing is, he was the "nice, friendly, generous 'uncle' that bought us everything" and he did a lot of investing projects with my family.
  7. Thanks for the response everyone. It does affect me a little, but more then anything really teaches me not to trust anyone. I mean, I dont really trust anyone as it is...but...wow. It honestly does make me speechless(and thats rare!).

    Anyway, sorry to hear everyone else's stories too! Im glad Im not alone though, thats for sure.

    Have you ever wanted to talk to them and ask them WTF happened? Like, what made them do it? I am sooo curious! I have never bothered to visit Mega(the guy who raped the girls), for the simple fact that he now disgust's me. But at the same time...I always wonder WTH happened, what made him basically snap.
    Like my SO always says...curiosity killed the cat lol.
  8. Yeah, I thought I really knew my uncle he's 4 years older than me, and he's been more like my big brother. I knew when he was in high school that he had stopped hanging out with his friends and got a new crowd. After high school he always wanted to be a police officer, but he couldn't handle college too much partying not enough school. Last year I found out he had a cocaine problem from someone who was one of his partying buddies. This spring he got a DUI and he's not even 21. It just saddens me so much because I know he has the potential to be a really successful person if he would just get his life back on track. He hasn't even started his community service yet and only has 4 months left to do it. This has also completely screwed up his plans to go in the military which he will still be able to do if he gets his community service done.
  9. Wow.... so that's crazy.... have they proven it, or is still "alleged"?

    When I was in college, I had a classmate whose mother was an absolute doll & made the best peanut butter cookies ever.... and then I found out the mom was in trouble for embezzeling $$ out an old lady's account at the bank the mom used to work for! I never would have pictured it!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Child pornography is such a big problem in our world. I would be willing to bet that each of us knows at least one person that views/has viewed child pornography. Maybe they haven't been caught, yet, but I would bet my bottom dollar that each of us know at least one person.

    I also have an experience similar to the one you posted (except no children were sexually abused by the person in my case), so I know how you're feeling - except that it was a close member of my family. It's tough to trust and respect these people again..
  11. This is soooo horrid!!!!!!

    When I see, especially, ppl who are to take cae of our kids, like teachers and coaches do these unspeakable things....makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, its a very human thing to want to know why...but for me, I dont give a f***..... All I want to know is how this never was found out....

    I hope he rotts in jail....when it comes to harming innocent kids or animals....I think that that whatever the movties....its simply b/c you can get away with it....and this to me is the worst ever!!!!!!!!!

    Im so freakin mad!!!!!!! That poor child....if it was me...I would of tryed to harm the perpatrator.....this is just insane!!!!

    Sorry for my rants....I just cant take seeing these things happen over and over again.....
  12. wow, that is crazy.. and people wonder why i stay home with my child. i would be crazy to let him out into the world when he can't tell me what is going on.
  13. Well, as far I know he has not been charged...and is not currently in jail. But, on the news it said he did admit to recording the little boy. Right now its only one kid, they are looking for others.