Ever taken an LV bag with monogram to...

  1. a job interview? What are your feelings on that? This includes not only monogram canvas, but the denim line, monogram mini etc.

    I've taken my fuchsia baggy pm to a job interview once, but that is not as obvious as the monogram canvas.
  2. I was wondering about this too! Good question.
  3. ummm I think Sandra (Yeuxhonnetes) has....but it was a super classy white Suhali l'Epanoui GM.....I think....... allo? Sandra?!?!?! lol

    Anyhoo, I htink Suhali's a great choice and epi should be good too, but all monogram families are a bit iffy for me..... I know for my 2 Med-school interviews I took my dark blue nylon prada bag with me with the triangle flipped over to the inside of my body (ie NOT showing to the public lol)....iono, it seemed like THE most "normal" bag I could find.....:smartass: and I also wore my glasses lol even though they're for distance and I don't need them! haha I think it's better to be on the safe side and not boast too loudly before you even get the job, cuz you don't wanna seem to dress better than your soon to be boss.... unless of course you're going for position at Louis Vuitton! :yahoo:
  4. I took my Mono Speedy with me to a group interview today. I didn't think twice about it. I love my bags...:yes: I actually got a SECOND interview...
  5. This might be a dumb question but what is iono?:confused1:
  6. Yes, not a problem, be confident.
  7. lol sorry, iono=i don't know......... when you say it REALLY fast it sounds like iono lol
  8. I love it! Sorry I guess I should have said it out loud before asking. Thanks for letting me no:smile:
  9. I would not take a denim bag to an interview. Too casual.
  10. I think it would depend of what type of job interview you are going on.
  11. What about for an elementary teaching job interview?

  12. What field of medicine are you going to practice??
  13. :lol: yes i took my white Suhali L'Epanoui GM to my internship interview :yes:.

    i think that if you're going for an interview, it may be better not to carry a bag with the Monogram all over it, because everyone knows what that is, and the Monogram may be a bit loud. go for something more understated, like Epi, or even Damier
  14. Well, I think if you interviewed with an understated LV- one that would go with your field- say a messenger, or a tote-(teachers use all the time for their papers) If I were interviewing you I would not think twice about it.. (former CEO). but if you walked in with a couture LV I may shrug my shoulders and that would be the first impression. IMO
  15. Well I'm interested and hoping to be a plastic surgeon in a few years......lol...... otherwise, I think being a dermatologist would be cool too, but I prefer to get more "hands on" experience ya know?.....like botox, implants... OOOh ya! lol but I'm ALSO interested in doing some research aside (if i ever have the time), more specifically cloning.......I htink both therapeutic and reproductive cloning still have a lot of room for development