Ever sold your COACH bag?

  1. I am considering selling a few of my Coach bags to some neighbors/acquaintances in an attempt to clear some clutter. When I purchased my bags between 2004 and 2006 I always filled out the registration card and mailed it in. Is there anything Coach can produce that I can share with potential customers to prove authenticity? Has anyone ever sold a Coach bag? Did you get much for it since it was used or rather 'pre-owned'? haha

    Many thanks.
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  2. While you might have friends & neighbors interested in your bags, I would also consider selling some on eBay. You'll reach far more people than can come to your home. Also, most people looking for pre-owned COACH bags might know what authenticity questions to ask or details to look for to verify what you're selling.

    I don't believe COACH will be able to provide anything as a result of what you've registered with them. Perhaps an SA can chime in if I'm wrong on this point.

    Good luck making room, hope you make some money for items that are sitting around unused.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, Coachgrl. I was so addicted to eBay last year (selling and bidding) that I closed my account. Plus, I could never move any of my items unless I practically gave them away. I wouldn't want to part with the "babies" unless I got something. Perhaps I will revisit.

    Thanks again. :tup:

  4. The only way to prove authenticity is through the creed and by calling coach or going to the store... but if you re selling to friends, it should be easy!!!

    You should take a look at ebay auctions even if you arent selling on ebay, just so you could see how they list coach bags, what they list. etc to know about how much u should sell it for... do a search including the item number if u dont know the name
  5. It's really easy to prove authenticity when you can sell the bag in person. The buyer can clearly see that the trim on the bags are made of leather. And they can personally check the creed. As for selling on ebay, as long as you can take clear pics of the creed and # of the bag, then you are fine. That way the buyer can check it out on the drilldown.
  6. I've sold a lot of Coach, some sold for more and most sold for a lot less than expected. It would be nice to get at least half of what it retailed for (not sale or outlet price). If it is hard to find, sought after they will sell for more. You can be daring and start your listings at 9.99 and attract more bidders or start your auction at the lowest price you are willing to accept, and attract serious bidders. Adding the full retail price in your description will give the buyer something to consider. Do an ebay search or advanced search to see what starting and ending prices are.

    Receipts or invoices that can assist in providing some assurance that your Coach is authentic. Always show a clear photo of the leather serial patch. Bidders can always contact Coach with the serial number to authenticate. You may also add a little note in your listings that "I am a proud TPF member and invite you to have this auction authenticated in the "authenticate this thread" . . .

    Because you will have several bags to list, this also gives your listings some added crediability. You show a lot of signature bags and they always sell.

    It can be fun, but be forwarned, a lot of questions will be asked about your bags. Whenever I listed used bags, I usually mentioned that these are from my private collection, purchased new from Coach, rarely used, etc., every obvious flaw, every minor flaw was specified, photos of the worst part of the bag were always pointed out, also, an overall description such as "excellent used with minor signs of use throughout." You have to look at your bags objectively and consider what kind of feedback your buyer might give.

    I wish you well!
  7. I recently sold a bag on Craigslist. I had several people interested and sold it the day after I listed it. I just made sure the pictures were clear to show the creed. It was a leather bag also so in person she was able to feel the leather. To give you an idea of price, I paid $200 for the bag (outlet bag on clearance) and it had the matching slim wallet I paid around $200 for. I sold both together for $250. I thought that was pretty decent and it wasn't a bag I was using anymore so I'd rather have the money towards a new bag. Good luck with selling your bags.
  8. These responses are a tremendous help. Thank you! Entheos, thanks especially for the tips.:tup:
  9. I have sold a lot of bags (some coach) from my personal collection as my desires and needs have changed. Coach bags don't sell for as much as you would like but if someone wants it you never know. I tend to set a buy it now price (for a little more than I want) and then accept best offers. You may get some silly ones (like for 50.00) but you just ignore them and wait for something better to come in. If you are wiling to sell to folks outside the US sometimes you get a little more. If doing so I always make sure its in my listing that if sold outside the us shipping will be more.
    If your friends are willing to pay what you want you may just want to sell to them. Ebay can be a little work. Have fun.