Ever show up to work in the same outfit as someone?

  1. Yes, it happened to me today. Since we have 7 women in the company altogether (we have over 45 employees), the chances of that happening are unlikely so imagine my surprise this morning when one of my co-workers showed up with the same Anthropologie dress.

    I've been hiding in my office all day.

    Has this happened to anyone else at work?
  2. YES, but not actually at work since I dont have a job, but at school. It's the most embarassing thing that can happen to someone.:yucky:
  3. Similar, but not the same... like same color shirt and pants kinds of things. That's pretty funny that they'd have the exact same dress though!
  4. The last time that happened to me was probably in high school... maybe not the exact same outfit, but the same top. Sometimes I'd see someone with the same top in a different color... but then again, most of the kids I went to school with shopped at Gap, A&F, AE, Old Navy, and dept stores.

    The University I attended was pretty big... so chances are slim that another girl would wear exactly the same thing. I participated in student organizations at the time and at some of the events we'd get free t-shirts... I have worn those tees on the same day as someone else before, though... but it was never a big deal because we all knew that so many other kids have it as well.

    But to be honest, I was never all that embarrassed about it. I'd just move on with my daily activities like it was no big deal.
  5. Why should you be embarrassed? Why you over her, why anyone at all? It's just a dress.It is a funny coincidence.
  6. not really........maybe like twice me and my coworker have showed up wearing similar things.........like black dress pants with a red blouse........we just think it's funny........I wouldn't get embarrassed
  7. I work with mostly men so this doesn't happen to me at all :lol: . BUT I've seen it happen with the guys wearing the same shirt and I think it's funny.

    This did happen to me at a wedding, however! I vividly remember wearing a purple and black silk dress with a peplum (OK, it was the late 80s...), and lo and behold the girl monitoring the guest book had the exact same dress on! She about freaked out. I really didn't see what the big deal was, but I had a great time casually mingling around the reception hall wherever she was. Whenever I got anywhere near her, she'd bolt. I know, I was being annoying playing this little game, but it just cracked me up how much it bothered her.
  8. LOL
    never happened to me, but honestly i would NOT be embarrassed. when someone asks me where i got something, i'm never coy, never try to own an outfit or a look or a piece of clothing. i asked someone the other day where she got her jacket and she was so vague. that's silly. if you want to be unique you have to make your own clothes. otherwise, it's totally a compliment if someone likes something on you enough to want it. that's the ultimate compliment.
    so you and your co-worker both must look great today.
  9. lol I probably would've done the same thing
  10. Not the exact same outfit...maybe like the same jeans and a similar top. My friends and I dress a lot a like because we all shop at the same stores.
  11. It used to happen to me ALL the time when I worked with this woman I'll call "Cathy". Cathy and I soon discovered that we're like long-lost sisters. We are so alike, it's scary, all the way down to our taste in clothes, shoes, and bags. We are also partial to Ann Taylor for work clothes, so we often showed up in the same outfit. Even when we weren't wearing the exact same thing, we would be coordinated (i.e., both wearing red & black, or both wearing pink, etc.). Weird! It got so bad that we would actually text each other in the morning to ask what each other was wearing so that we would be sure to NOT dress alike that day. We just laughed about it. She's now a SAHM, so it never happens to me anymore.
  12. This hasn't happened to me! I have seen people wearing things I've bought, but not on the same day as I was wearing them.
  13. You both have good taste. No need to hide out. If someone made a comment about it I would have said "we both have great taste in clothing" and smiled.
  14. I have had this happen quite a few times with a co-worker. This past spring I bought two distinctive Nanette Lepore suits and wore them to the office a few times. A month or two later, a co-worker bought the same two suits. It really didn't bother me -- I joke that she must have great taste in clothing.

    On the other hand, my co-worker gets noticeably annoyed when people in the office stop her to comment on the suits and mention that I have the same one. She also gets noticeably peeved when I wear mine to the office. The whole situation is really silly, but it has become fun to watch her get annoyed.;)