Ever shopped Perfumania?

  1. I was traveling on business a couple of weeks ago and stopped by a Perfumania. I was about to buy two different fragrances but I smelled them first and they didn't smell like they should. They all smelled musky and like alcohol. It was the weirdest thing. I went to another Perfumania in the same city and had the same experience.
    Has anyone else experienced that? Why doesn't their perfume smell like it should?

    My situation was that I tried Givenchy Hot Couture and Jean Paul Gaultier for men and both smelled TOTALLY off! :yucky:
  2. Never bought anything- I think they must have old stuff or not store properly. I don't even think the prices are that good...
  3. i worked there years ago (about 11)... back then we sold authentic product & it wasn't old. but that was 11 years ago. haven't been in one of their stores since. things may have changed, or maybe the tester was old.
  4. i got paris hilton perfume from there...it smells normal. :yes:
  5. My best friend works at a department store cologne counter and he said that they are told that Perfumania products are all generally old and/or stored in temperatures not recommended for the fragrances. You know prefumd and stuff cant get to hot or it loses its potnecy
  6. I have never personally bought anything from there.

    I just never had a good vibe with that place...would only buy fragrance from department stores.

    Never from a kiosk cart either.
  7. I always thought the fragrances were diluted with alcohol or not authentic. Never purchased from them, ever.
  8. Always been afraid. Thanks for all the info girls.
  9. THe ONLY place I buy perfume is fragrancenet.com All of my friends and I love them! Great prices, shipping is fast, wonderful customer serivce. LOVE them!
  10. Thanks Sunshine!!! I have been searching for a reliable online purfume retailer. I will try fragrancenet.com!

  11. Agreed!
  12. You are welcome...its truly my favorite little secret!! There is ALWAYS a 10% off code that you can find on line as well, and they will also always send one to your email after your first purchase. Great site!! Have fun!
  13. I've bought from them a couple times, and the fragrances smelt normal to me. Although, to keep on the safe side, I now only buy from department stores. The discounts at Perfumania aren't even that good.