Ever set odd goals, with LV as a reward?

  1. I am a huge pack rat....yeah like ya'all didn't know that! And my kids have def. inherited that bad habit from me! LOL. Anywho, my only New Year's resolution is to get rid of some of the clutter and stuff we don't use....so, so hard for me.

    So I have decided to 'pay' myself for clearing it out. Anything I sell, the $ goes into an LV fund. And every bag of stuff that leaves the house, via trash or donation I get $20.00 for the LV fund! And I can only buy LV from the fund, until it's done! That's really the key, because it's not a money issue, so that's why selling has not been a motivator for me in the past....but now it will be....If I want that Pampellone and Brentwood, I had better get to work.

    Crazy, yeah, I know but I am hoping it motives me to get it going!

    My tally so far: 594.00!! Not bad for my first day! :nuts:
  2. I love clearing up clutter! I sell stuff and donate stuff. I do it all the time.
  3. Good luck!! Good way to do some spring cleaning and make/earn some money for your LV slush fund.
  4. I can totally relate!!!!I sold off almost all of my coach bags last year to fund my very first "purchased by me" LV! When I want something new I go through all my old things and figure out what I can sell and then I put it in my LV fund.
    There was a post in the Health & Fitness section about exercise for LV and I thought this was a great idea because I hate exercise but I figured I could reward myself for doing something that is good for me!!!:graucho:
  5. when i was a little bit younger...... i used to put $5 - $10 a day aside to buy an LV bag!!!!

    i'm way too spoiled now......shame on me!:borg:
  6. ^^^exactly, me too...if I want something, I go buy it! Silly, But I am excited about this idea! And I can use my new agenda to keep track of it :graucho: ...that one doen't count, I bought it before I came up with this idea!
  7. dido! I buy LV as a 'treat' or pat on the back after complete something major on the check list, it's a great idea to start such fund :smile:
  8. I have piggy banks I'm using - I will not open these until the end of December of this year (a small goal). So - we shall see what adds up all year long. I had four small piggy banks, and my sister bought me a larger piggy bank. It might not be much, but its still saving in another way to go towards a purse. Before I used to give my DH some change lol - now they go in my labeled banks (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and now the larger bank for the loonies).;)
  9. twinkle.tink, I will need you to come over here and help me go through my stuff too! It's is just so hard to part with anything.
  10. I so agree! And don't you have when you start pulling it all out it makes an even bigger mess, than the one you are trying to clear out?
  11. twinkle that's an awesome idea. Getting rid of clutter and old stuff is SUCH a great feeling. I'm a total packrat and hate to throw away clothes, shoes, other stuff, even though I don't wear them! Once in a while I go through and get everything I don't use, sell the quality items to a consignment store and then donate anything old and worn out to the Goodwill. At least someone can make use of the items instead of having them sit in my closet unused. :smile:
  12. i am hoping to get a new job- and a new bag as a congrats to myself. i sent out 7 resumes yesterday. now i feel like i HAVE to so i can get my bag! lol
  13. Yea...when I hit 1,000 posts - which is going to happen shortly, I am going to reward myself with something from LV. Also, when my house sells I am going to definitely reward myself with something like a Speedy 30 or 35.
  14. I use the piggy bank system too. I have one for Tiffany, one for LV and one for trips. In addition, if I complete my exercise and don't drink more than one can of soft drink per day, I get an additional dollar to add to the piggy bank of my choosing. It's slow going, but when you add it to Birthday or Holiday money, that change adds a healthy bump to the total!
  15. OMG! that sounds like a good way to save up for a new bag! Good luck! keep us posted with your progress!

    i'M thinking that when I graudate (hopefully next year) I will definitely reward myself with an LV.