Ever sell your LV and then regret it?

  1. Okay, so I feel really nutso about this. I have a number of LV bags. I like to purchase new (taking advantage of my state's no sales tax) and then I will periodically sell on eBay. Last year I sold both my DE Neverfulls, the MM and GM. Ever since, I've regretted it, and so today impulsively purchased a used GM. (It was advertised as "excellent condition," which I hope is valid.) I hope that I use it. I think I will, but it was kind of strange to me that I HAD to have a bag again that I thought I was done with. This only happened once before, when I sold my Artsy because I never used it (uncomfortable and heavy), and then found I regretted it every time I saw someone else carrying it!!!

    Do you have experiences like this to share?
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    Yes :sad: I sold a cosmetic pouch GM that was sitting in my closet for 2-3 years completely unused, so I thought it was safe to let it go without missing it too much. It was my first LV purchase (with my Neverfull MM). But, I don't think I made enough effort at trying to find a good use for it and now I miss it. I could've used it for something else besides makeup (which is what I bought it for). Long story short, the price on it has increased since I first bought it in 2012 and I also sold it for a loss. So, as much as I want to replace it and get one again--It kills me to re-buy it for more money when I sold it for a loss. So, I just keep doing my best to talk myself out of buying it again. So far so good !! :tup: But, I'm sure I'll cave at some point. I suppose its a good thing its an SLG and not a full sized bag.
  3. I had an Artsy, but the handle was so stiff that it actually rubbed my shoulder bleeding raw, and the strap buckle on the Reggia kept getting snagged in my hair and ripping out chunks. Because I understood the real reason why I was selling them it made it easier and I don't regret my choices...some bags just need to be loved at a distance and I know that if I was to repurchase then the same thing would just happen all over again.
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  4. I sold my blooms and always regret it...
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  5. Thank you! I've had mine for a number of years and don't use it regularly. Sometimes I think, oh, it should go... but now I'll be hanging on to mine! It's large ~ and I can use it in the coming Neverfull. :smile:
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  6. Good reminder... and I am hoping that it doesn't happen with Neverfull. Maybe I'll just have to take some trips to make sure it's used! :smile: (And yes, that Artsy, while a real beauty, for me, too, really does win the award for most uncomfortable!)
  7. I definitely regret selling my ivory Suhali lockit. It was gorgeous but I sold it because I didn't use it much since I was afraid of getting it dirty.
  8. Yes! And now I try to be more careful about buying and selling. A few lv I regret selling. The bag I most regret selling is an older Chanel camera bag in brown suede. Shud have kept it. Sigh.
  9. Yes. I regret selling the ones that can't be replaced. Discontinued and vintage LV's. I especially regret selling my MC Sologne. I sold a Chanel, no regrets.
  10. Yes, a Monogram Keepall and a monogram Speedy back in my 30s. Honestly I don't know what I was thinking to let both of them go.:wtf:
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  11. Only once - Speedy 30 Monogram.. All others needed to go as my taste and life style changes.
  12. I sold my Peforated Speedy and kind of regret it because I thought it was a cute design but realize handheld bags are just not my favorite so even if I kept it I would not wear it very much.
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  13. No regrets.
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  14. The handle made you bleed?! That's awful!
  15. No regrets on the ones I've sold, but I need to sell a Speedy or two and I'm so afraid of regret, I keep holding on to them until I'm 100% sure.
    I have two DE and two mono, I just want to have one of each and I can't decide! :panic:
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