Ever sell several B-Bags for another bag/brand only to regret it?


    I am in such a quandry. I am feeling a bit tired of Balenciaga (just because I have so many...I am up to 15 and only consistently use a few on a regular basis; the rest I wear once in a blue moon to go with an outfit or have yet to even wear them at all). I am intriqued by the Hermes Kelly.......however in order to fund this bag, I would have to let go of some B-bags. Two questions: 1. how do you decide which baby to give up when you have so many bags you love but never use, and 2. will I be kicking myself in a few weeks, a few months, etc., since I do not really care for the newer B-bags? :confused1: Does anyone here own a Hermes Kelly? Is it worth losing several b-bags over? I only own the Hermes All Leather Garden Tote and a twilly so as you can see, I am relatively new to Hermes.

    TIA for your thoughts!! :smile:
  2. lol just the opposite for me. To get my first Bbag I sold all my Coach bags and I don't regret it for a second!! Your issue IS A tough one. I mean a Hermes Kelly, yum....
  3. I haven't sold bbags to get another bag, i sold them because either I wasn't wearing them enough and/or they were wrong for me. I think that having a rounded collection that includes many brands is much more fun. Go for the Kelly, it's such a classic. Trying to figure which bbags should go is hard though. Do not keep any just because they are rare, though... Keep about half of them, the ones you really use, and you'll still have a good bal collection. I'm much more pleased with my collection of 6 bals rather than when I had 13 at once... kwim?
  4. Hi becca,
    I lately bought a Hermes herbag in bordeaux brown. :yahoo:
    I did see a picture of a herbag and diceded that i could not live without it.:nuts:
    I did wear it two times in 3 weeks now i think. Its the kelly herbag 38 cm.
    I want a Big Birkin in future but then i have to sell my complete collenction to buy one.
    Or i have to go and work as an escort or something like that. :roflmfao:LOL :roflmfao:But i wont do that.
    Good Luck deciding Hugs FX:heart:
  5. The Kelly is a very different style from BBags. My DH thinks Kellys look too formal and aging on me, so I went for Birkins instead – more in line with the casual BBags style I like.
  6. How do I decide which bbag must go? I have a difficult time deciding too, but it helps if there is any reason I am not using the bbag. For example as much as I loved my red bbag, I was still afraid of stains. Also I had two of the same color, so even though I was in love with it, I sold it. As a rule, I try to sell ones off that I am scared to use because of the lighter color or because of its rarity.
  7. How many would you have to sell? About half? IMO if you only use half of them anyway, sell the rest to fund your Hermes. You can always sell the Hermes again. Do what your heart desires.
  8. I would sell half of my bbags to get a Kelly! To bad I only have 1 bbag :rolleyes: haha

    seriously though, a well rounded collection is great, I would scale back on the bbags you don't use and get the kelly, a beautiful classic!
  9. difficult question. i love the hermes kelly (birkin more ;)) and i think if you like it, you should buy it. as many have said before, 6 is still a substantial bbag collection! if you're not loving it as much as you used to, you should sell those you use the least and keep the "essentials"!
    anyway buying a new bag is a happy event, do share your joy with us when you get it! :smile:
  10. i hope stylefly pops on here - she went thru the same decision before getting her hermes kelly bag!
    buying a hermes aside, do you really want to sell your b-bags anyway? or is it just to get another - more expensive - bag? if you're wanting to let go of your bags anyway because they just sit around and you're bored by them, then i would say sell. if you are in love and desperate need to get that hermes, then sell the ones you think you won't miss the most.

    i agrea with danae - i think it's worth it to sell a bag or bags to get something you really want. and if you end up regretting a sale, it will always pop up again on eBay or somewhere else. the universe has a way of "evening things out" in these situations, it seems. for example, i sold an RV Day and always thought i regretted it until they kept popping up on eBay and i found myself NOT buying them! it's like the grass is always greener or you want what you can't have.

    sorry for rambling on, i guess my point is sell your least used or favorite bags to get the one you want. do what makes you happy!!:wlae:
  11. I have sold quite a few of my LV items to fund my balenciaga purchases. At the moment I don't regret it but who knows how I will feel later on.
  12. I think you should put the funds towards whatever you will end up actually using more..if you think about it there's no sense in having bags just sit in your closet untouched. So if you would use a Kelly more (though I too like the Birkin more, that's a very personal thing though) - I say go for it. I sold a magenta first (I'm more of a city girl) to get an almond MJ Stam and don't regret it even though I miss the brightness of the magenta! Hopefully I can get a city in that color eventually, and I like having a variety of bags to choose from.
  13. i would def sell the ones i won't miss. usually those are the ones that are left untouched for months in your closet. i'd do it for something you really want. and plus you can always buy it back if you really do miss the bags. good luck on your decision!
  14. I don't see how you could regret buying a Kelly!

    If you really, really loved all the bbags you own, you would use them. I reckon you should be brave and take the Kelly plunge
  15. 'R' I sold ALL my LVs (well last one is up for sale right now) and don't regret it. My motto is that if I found it once I can find it again!!! Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is better than the kill!

    As for which ones to let go of...when I was initially selling my LVs and was unsure of selling the whole collection this is what I did:

    I took each one out for one last outing. If I did re-fall in love with it...up it went on fleabay.
    If I felt unsure about selling it...back in the closet it went. And then I took them back out a month later.

    Some I was able to decided immediately because they had the tags on and were 6 months old...LOL....the decision on those was easy!

    It's a tough decision...but remember....you'll always be able to find the old ones eventually!!

    And I think you would rock a Kelly :smile: