Ever seen this wallet IRL?

  1. WOW... I have not seen IRL, but that buckle just like the Lilys is GORGEOUS! I can't see how I would pay $298 for just a wallet, but the WOW factor is through the roof!
  2. Have never seen it but I think it's HOT :woot:

    Wait for the next PCE and buy it at 25% off .. will be $225 then....
    I think I may buy it, too!

    ETA: or wait a few months and it'll probably be $229 - 30% at the outlets.. ~$ 160 ish...
  3. I am so in love with this wallet! :love: It is soo gorgeous. I have not seen it in real life though.
  4. I love the turnlocks on it. Do you think in a few months (perhaps 6 months or so) it will be in the outlets? Or do you think it will never reach to the outlets?