Ever seen this one *pic*

  1. Hey guys,

    anyone seen this spy? it looks like it's sanded leather or something.. it looks like it's sanded leather. i've never seen it...:s
    spy.jpg sp.jpg
  2. I'm preety sure this is a fake as this has never been made. The closest to it would be zucca/nappa in tobacco (or dark brown).
  3. Another vote for it being a likely fake. The leather doesn't drape like it should, and as Kav said, I don't think Fendi ever made this spy.
  4. FAKE! :tdown:
  5. fake fake fake..
  6. yeah, that's what i thought so. A "friend" said that she went to her family in Italy and that they gave her this "authentic" Fendi.....whahaha.
    I told her that it's prolly FAKE! :roflmfao: