Ever seen this color before?

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  1. You gals ever seen the Day bag in gold leather like this? I saw it online but wasn't sure it's authentic.

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  2. This should be placed in the Balenciaga "Authenticate This" thread, not here. However, I can tell you that it is not authentic. Neither the Special/Limited Edition Holiday collection done many years ago nor the current Gold 'metallic' ever had the Day as part of the collection. Sorry ..
  3. As to whether this is authentic or not I can't say, but I have seen a few gold day bags on Vestiaire Collective before, and perhaps (but not sure--memory fails) on TRR. I always thought maybe it was something released in Europe but not in the states. At first blush that one doesn't look obviously fake to me, and I know that Bal has done various metallic bags here and there throughout the years--I've definitely seen the day bag in Silver (not pewter) several times. If you're interested I'd ask the seller for more pics and submit to the authenticate thread as CeeJay suggested.
  4. Thanks, I'll do just that :smile:
  5. There is one listed on ebay, exactly the same candidatos it looks authentic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.