Ever seen this bag?

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    Have you ever seen this bag?

    The style number is 10205
    weird coach.jpg
  2. Nope, but it is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Where did you find the picture of that bag? It's beautiful!
  4. I think that's called the pleated hobo or something like that. They're a couple years old I think- I still see them at TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack from time to time
  5. It's a friend of purse, and she sent me the pic in an email.

  6. Thanks :smile: I've really never seen it before, and had no clue.
  7. It's a very nice bag. I saw this bag (in black too) at the Saks outlet store at Woodbury Commons last week. It was very pretty!
  8. it's a pleated hobo...they may still be at the outlets, so you may wanna try there. otherwise eBay it.
  9. Saw it in black about 2 weeks ago at TJMaxx.... It was incredibly overpriced... I think it originally retailed for $389. This one was missing it's Coach price tag & TJX had priced it as $399.99 w/ a compare to $699!!

    The leather was TDF though, the softest lambskin!!!
  10. It is the Pleated Hobo and there are quite a few of them on Ebay right now going for less than $200. There was also a wristlet and a large and a small wallet to match. I believe the original retail was around $400.00. It is a lovely bag.