Ever seen an Ali in an outlet?

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  1. I am in :heart: with the Ali. I was hoping someone on here might know if this style has ever been seen in - or will eventually go to - an outlet. Thanks! :wlae:
  2. i think your only chance will be to get it as a return at the outlet.
  3. I was just at the premium outlet in las vegas.. the SA said they had one in the back... she brought it out.. it was whiskey, not perfect, but not bad.. anyway, the price was only $50 less. No other markdowns. I just couldn't pay $450 for a bag, but it is beautiful!!
  4. I bought a white Ali and returned it but it was 10% off and then 20% which would be equal to the amount I would have paid for the PCE event at regular stores.
  5. The SA brought out a white one that had just been transferred from the boutique in Leesburg but it wasn't substantially less.
  6. I got the suede there in Jan or Feb. I got a gold & khaki that was a return from a boutique right before the last PCE.
  7. I saw a white one in an outlet back in Jan. - it was only $40 off retail, but was in perfect condition. I'd call the outlet nearest you and ask - that's the advice I was given by the SAs at my outlet - they said legacy stuff arrives sporadically, so the best thing to do is just call them and ask if they've gotten anything in. That way, if there is something in, you can ask them to hold it for you.
  8. I haven't seen any at our outlet, although I've seen a couple of slim flaps--the canvas/green/yellowish trim and the rose leather...those were 30% off.
  9. TejasMama - at what outlet did you see the rose leather slim flap and how long ago? thanks!
  10. I've seen a couple Legacy bags at the outlet in San Marcos. What a previous poster said was right though, they weren't marked down very much more than the retail price.
  11. I bought a black Ali at the outlet in San Marcos. It was significantly discounted, and was perfect - no damage at all. I'd say it was about 1/2 off of retail after all the markdowns. It was just a store return. That was the only Legacy bag I saw there though. They're good finds if you can get them. :yes:
  12. I called the outlet in San Marcos and unfortunately they will make me pay full retail price since I can't come into the outlet to buy it (I live in NJ). The closest outlet to me doesn't have anything, so I guess I'm out of luck :crybaby:....thanks for your help though!
  13. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Whiskey Ali at the outlet for $359.20 plus tax. That's a few dollars below what it would be during a PCE. If you are looking specifically for an Ali, I would suggest that you call ahead and ask if there are any in stock. IF they have one you might want they can hold it for 48 hours.
  14. There was one at the San Marcos outlet so one may appear at an outlet closer to you soon?

    Maybe you can call the outlets nearest to you and speak to the sales associates.

    When I called the one in Atlantic City to inquire if they had or would be getting any legacy bags in stock, the SA told me no and encouraged me to contact the outlet again, in the future.