Ever seen a kelly exotic with gold lock?

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  1. Hihi

    i am an hermes noob.. still in the process of learning more abt the leathers and stuff

    i was in a consignment store the other day and saw a few birkins/kellys for sale.

    I saw a croc kelly with an uncovered hermes lock? From what i have seen so far, i got the impression that for exotic skins, kellys and birkins come with locks that are covered in the same skins as the bag; to protect the skin on the bag..

    pls enlighten me..

  2. ^that is what I have seen.. if it has changed, enlighten me as well
  3. Replacement lock?
  4. so the original lock will definitely be one covered in the same leather?

  5. Sorry for going slightly off topic here, but why does my Parchemin Togo Kelly come with a covered lock?
  6. the exotics and some lighter colors in normal skins like white etc come with a covered lock as standard equipment. the reason h decided sme time ago to add these locks is to minimize the "smiley" damage an uncovered lock can do if it hangs constantly from the turnlock.(this can happen but it must not kwim)

    one can order a "normal" lock if one wants to or some people use a lock from one of their other bags etc.
    the diamond hardware bags come with a non- skin covered diamond/precious stones gold lock though
  7. the croc kelly i saw was a black one..

    in such a case, would it still come with a covered lock?

    Just wondering.. i am wondering if the shop could be selling a fake kelly (i won't really know how to tell)..

    I can't imagine many people requesting for a normal lock with their exotic hermes..
  8. you know it happens because some people buy the locks or exchange them when resold because they like them as charms i have a gold 40cm and love the way th red croc and gld lock looks on it as as a small twist naturally both bags are mine but.... i love this so i could not be the only one and some one in this case is marketing the locks!
  9. haha.. i see..

    ok thanks

    i am a noob after all :shame: