Ever see your life flash before your eyes?

  1. The office building on the east side of our condominium property went up in flames this afternoon. We have a big greenbelt behind us and the flames came really close to those trees. :wtf:

    Luckily the fire department got there fast and put out the fire. It was really interesting to see them use chainsaws on that building though. We watched it from our rear deck... they cracked that place open like an egg.:amazed:

    The one good part (*lecherous old lady smile*) was that all the firefighters were young and HUNKY :graucho: After they finished they were in the parking lot with their heavy bunker coats off and just suspenders and t-shirts underneath... :upsidedown:

    No word yet on the cause, but methinks someone left the coffee pot on all weekend and it caught fire....
  2. Ooh, men in uniform:love: or you're right, it should be :graucho: . Glad to hear you're safe :tender:
  3. ***hugs ROO*** im glad you're alright!!!! 0o0o0o firemen aye??? hehehe!!! i'm glad u are ok!!!! :wlae:
  4. The fire sounds horrible, but I am too distracted by the firefighter talk. Wooowooo!!!
  5. Oh my goodness, Roo! That's terrible!

    I have to admire how you put a positive spin on that one! I know a lady who left a tea pot plugged in in her office and nearly burnt the building down. Let us all remember to turn everything off! Creepy how much damage a little forgetfulness can cause!
  6. Thanks for the posts! Earlier I was pretty shaken up. I am also President of our Homeowner's Association so I had frantic people calling and coming over, worried about this fire. It has been pretty warm here so it was scary because the trees behind our property are very dry right now. I am hoping the FD will be monitoring this property overnight. The outer shell of the building is intact but for one side that they tore open. I don't know if it's standard procedure for them to monitor flare-ups at night, but I hope so. There is plenty more building left that can still burn :wtf:
  7. I'm glad nothing happened to you Roo

    The only time I've seen my life flash before me was during spring break of my junior year in high school. My friends and I were driving back from Lake Perris and we lost control of the car and spun out on the freeway. Luckily, nothing happened to any of us and there was only minor car damage.
  8. Im glad your alright..How scary!!
  9. I've never had my life flash before my eyes but it happened to my mom when she was 17. She was in a really bad car crash and almost died...on impact she said she just saw like a slideshow of events that had happened in her life one after another and thought "oh, god, dad's going to be so mad that I wrecked my car!". She told me "the weirdest thoughts pass through your head when you think you're going to die".
  10. That is some scary stuff. Glad to hear you're ok.

    I had one of those moments just a few months ago. In late May, me and my entire family were doing a road trip in the US. We were driving (downhill) through some canyons in Utah when the brakes on our car stopped working. This had always been a childhood fear of mine, so while everyone else in the car stayed relatively calm I was freaking out..all I could think was that I was going to die in some random place in the middle of Utah. But thanks to my uncle's expert driving skills, we made it out alive. :smile:
  11. Roo, I am happy you and your family are ok. Oh my that must be scary! Oh those firemen are tdf!!
  12. Sorry about the building but what you said right here totally distracted me. :graucho:
  13. oh wait...there was a fire? (sorry, got very caught up in your imagery!)

    glad you are okay!!!!
  14. Hunky firefighters??Be right there.....

    All kidding aside..Glad you are OK Roo- We love ya here and were worried!
  15. aahhh hot firefirghters! yumm!!

    Ive only had my life flash before my eyes once..It was about three months ago, and I was riding my horse. We did the first jump in a line and went to the second jump. We got too close to the right standard (the thing that holds the poles up for the jump) and my horse basically ran me into it. I blacked out, had a seizure, and then got a concussion. When I woke up I had no idea where I was or who I was. Good thing I was wearing my helmet, because if not I couldve died.