Ever see a piece at the boutique that you swore was fake?

  1. This is actually a question I always wanted to ask everyone; has anyone ever seen something new at the boutique that you feel LOOKS like a fake? Maybe because it's tacky or ill-designed?

    Here's two from me:



    The monogram looks really weird there!


    The way the LVOE logo is just plastered on the scarf makes it seem tacky... maybe that's just me...

    Anything from you guys? :p
  2. both links say out of stock what was it?
    Don't forget elux often uses phototype pics and the bags don't always look the same.
  3. I updated the links - but yeah, I've seen these pieces in real life and they are really no better in my opinion! :sweatdrop:
  4. the bonnet looks a little tacky :p
    I like the LVOE scarf
  5. I like the LVoe scarf too It would look better in that auction if it wasn't so creased.

    the logos on the scarf and hat look a little fuzzy but I thinks that's because it's a soft material I think they are kinda cute
  6. I know what u mean about the scarf and hat because ive seen cheapy fakes of them, and i dont think they are Louis Vuitton's classiest items even IRL i think they look a bit cheap, saying that i reckon the hat would look totally hot on the right fashionable guy
  7. I love the LVoe scarf, doesn't seem tacky at all.

    I have seen other things though, that if I hadn't seen them in the store, I would have swaorn were fake
  8. John's going to kill you for calling that beanie tacky :p
  9. I love the LVOE scarf..one of the actual lines I didn't think looked too authentic though it was, was the Ambre line.
  10. I agree about the ambre!! Only because I think I've seen more fakes of that line of bags than any.

    I saw someone in walmart with a medium cabas one in the middle of winter. Then got two aisles over and there was another one of the pm size! There was snow on the ground and they had their beach totes out! lol :shrugs:

    My fave ambre is the cabas neo that had all the leather on the boxy tote. Made it look classier (IMO anyway) than the tortoise chain plastic handle details. I found a second hand one the other day and I've paid but they haven't shipped yet as of today. Hopefully the wear won't be too apparent on it. I'm so excited about this "new to me" item!
  11. I liked the styles of the Ambre line but hated the idea of it. I went to nyc the year it came out, all I saw was FAKE FAKE FAKE Ambre...

    but i do like both of those scarves, I see where you think the LV's do look funny, but thats proably hand made and they get it as close as possbile... i dont know...
  12. I don't think the LoVe scarf seems fake, but an example to me would be the
    crystal Theda.

    I always thought it looked so fake. O.o Even the monogram doesen't seem right. I can't think of any other at the moment though.
  13. I see what you mean, the Bonnet and scarf seem a little tacky.
  14. I don't like the beige monogram scarf, but I like the tuque and LVoe scarf
  15. ITA about the beenie and scarf. It looks weird and kinda fake even though it isn't. I can't imagine it being worn in a classy way.