ever see a bag on someone else and want it?

  1. Twice in the last week or so I've seen ladies carrying bags and said to myself. Ohh that looks great. First time I recognized the bag; it was a Linea Pelle that I'm pretty sure I could have purchased at Off 5th in the last few weeks (not now though). The gal was wearing jeans and that bag looked perfect. Second time was yesterday. I saw this bag and told the woman I liked it. She said it was Michael Kors ...she didn't know whether it was the lower end or the more expensive line...she got it at Off 5th. In reality that bag probably didn't meet my specs (no outside pocket, probably too small, don't know if it went over shoulder)...but it looked so nice....maybe being broken in was part of it. I think one thing for me is if I see a bag displayed in a dept store where they just have one out or I see it on someone, it's more appealing than if I go into a place like Off 5th where many times they will have a dozen Michael Kors bags the same style and color displayed. Takes away some of the specialness for me. Wish I could find bags by seeing on other people but I think it's too hard first of all to find the ones you love and then if you do, they've probably had it for a while and you may not be able to get the bag anyway. But I'm going to keep my eyes open for that MK bag!
  2. Oh have I ever! I actually keep my eyes peeled for any botkiers or grysons... when I see one I just want to go 'yoink!'

    I am familiar with the fact that that is illegal though :smile:... ah but... so pretty.
  3. lol...
    Yes, I have.... but if I don't know the designer, I'm too chicken to ask !!!!!!
  4. Definitely too chicken to ask... but my town is so small, I go to the local department store and I usually see it there. I think that might be an upside to my small town!
  5. All the time!! I always complement the person who carries the bag! You'd feel good if someone came and told you that your bag looks fab. Then sometimes they say which one it is and sometimes not. Then try to take a spy pic with your cellphone..post it here and someone will tell you what type of bag it is!!
  6. all the time! if i am standing next to the girl then i will compliment her but sometimes i see them from a distance and just wish i could run after her...that would be too creepy though.
  7. all the time... partly I'm attracted to how the person is projecting themselves (confidant, mature). Partly because of how the bag has that well loved, broken in feeling. I've fallen in love with these bags after seeing them on women who show confidence, and/or chasing after kids: LV Alma in Myrtille, LV mono bucket gm, LV mono boulogne, LV mono manhattan. Dunno why it's all LV, I guess it's just very eyecatching with the rich patina...
  8. i think about doing that all the time!!
    if i see a pretty purse i wanna run after the girl!!
  9. Yes, shure a couple of times but I eentually didn't end up buying since the bag just didn't look as good on me.
  10. That is how I ended up with my LV Deauville, I saw that bag and I went straight up to the lady asking her what it was....she was a doll, handed me the bag so I could look at it and check it out! I went home, called LV and it was in my hands a day later! I have ladies come up to me all the time as well, Im always more than happy to answer any and all questions!! My fav topic ofcourse!!
  11. Yep. Sometimes I think I stare too long at someone's bag. I am probably making people uncomfortable, and I stop when I realize I am staring much too long lol.
  12. All the time!! My husband makes fun of me saying that people must think I'm a total weirdo as I try to get a glimpse of some identifying factor...hardware, a hangtag, a nameplate, whatever....If I can't see anything, I have complimented the bag if the person is near me....it's all part of the insanity of this obsession!!
  13. Of course! As long as it's not on a good friend I will most likely get it too!
  14. Yes all the time, I work in a store now and people come in with bags all the time to my counter. One time this lady walked in with a lovely dark brown leather bag, it had all this hardware and front pockets, a shoulder strap and two top handles. It was the perfect everyday size. It looked like a gorgeous broken in leather. And she was going in and out of it with ease. I saw her shopping, I said to myself please come to my register so I could get a closer look. Well she came up, I told her how much her stuff was and I couldn't take it anymore. I said "Maam I just love that bag?", she said "oh this, I got this at TARGET", I almost passed out:wtf: My matierialistic mind couldn't process it. :shrugs: But she said she brought it a year ago, so the chance of me finding it on the website or knowing the name of this bag is a goner. I was sad for a couple a days, because it probably was around $50 bucks or so. And it looked so good a year later.
  15. I love people watching, but for me it is more like bag watching;). I have no problem complimenting or asking about a woman's bag. I've never had a bad reaction and usually she ends up being really nice. After all, who doesn't like to receive a compliment? I get that all the time and it's always flattering.

    I was at the L.A. County Fair last week and walked by a woman with an amazing red bag on her shoulder. She was standing alone by a tree when I passed by. I stopped and stealthily circled back to get a better look at the bag. She had this serious "I am invisible right now" look on her face. I stood there for a second feeling like a weirdo purse stalker, then I moved on. I couldn't help myself, I was like a moth to a flame with that red bag:p. Still don't know what it was though.