Ever save something that you thought might be worth something some day?

  1. So I could not decide whether to post this thread in Money Talks or on here...if I posted in the wrong forum sorry!

    I'm wondering if any of you ladies or guys out there have ever saved something from your childhood that was either given to you, or you found, or bought from someone else etc. that you saved to date or for awhile thinking it would be worth something some day?

    My story goes like this...
    I cleaned out my desk and found my Tim Salmon #27 California Angels Fleer Ultra card. I have had this thing since i was like 8!! I'm now 22!! My cousin used to work for Upper Deck, they were a company who made all the sports cards and I think even the POGS when they were popular (you can just imagine how many POGS and cards I had!).

    My cousin gave me that card and said "Save this card it will be worth something one day when your older".
    It's been 14 years...
    I checked eBay out of curiosity to see what I could find and apparently it's worth about 5 bucks! :roflmfao:

    Maybe when I'm 80 it will be worth at least $20....:p
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  4. oh I do it all the time! It's so annoying because nothing ever seems to collect value.

    Case in point, the summer after my first year of university, I got a job setting up a library for a private school. They told me throw away any books that were over 30 years old (:rolleyes:, but that's a whole different story) and I ended up finding an ancient copy of David Copperfeild, a Robert Burns poetry anthology from the 1780s, and a book from 1887 about Queen Victoria that was supposed to celebrate the 50th year of her reign. Needless to say, they all ended up being worthless. But I'm keeping them because the book nerd in me still thinks they're pretty cool.
  5. I have a few things (a couple of watches and books) that I would think they would be worth $$$....but on eBay, I havent found that to be so :tdown:

    I dont think im lucky enough to have those "collective" type things
  6. I have a huge collection of items autographed by bands. Unfortunately, they're not FAMOUS bands. Maybe in the future...

    Also, my favorite band is AFI and I have a lot of merchandise that I know would sell well on eBay. I guess that doesn't count though because the items aren't that old.
  7. lol ur such a dork jenn. LOL.
  8. I saved all of my kids Pokemon stuff & all of the Macdonalds Beanie babies, they are in my kids keepsake boxes. Maybe they will go up as much as your baseball card & they can get a Happy meal or two when & if they ever decide to sell them. I do save bicentennial quarters when I find one, my mom swears they are worth 50 cents apiece & harps on me if I give one away :upsidedown: I am going to give her a verrrrrrrrrrry heavy piggie bank for Grandparents Day & tell her to "go nuts" LOL
  9. I saved my pet rock, I am sure it is worth nothing!! My sister saved all her Christmas Barbies in the box and sold them to a collector for enough money to buy her a very nice car!! Not my kind of luck.
  10. I am a complusive hoarder (sp?). I keep everything, and I mean everything. It annoys my boyf so much and my mum as I still have a loft full of stuff there.

    Oh did somebody mention beanie babies??? Damn I spent a fortune on those! I couldn't go out without buying one or two.....or basically whatever was in the shop that I didn't already have.

    As for anything being worth something, I seriously doubt it.
  11. I saved a collection of glasses celebrating the new millenium (yr 2000) from Mcdonalds!:roflmfao:
  12. I used to, but not anymore. Everything I've ever saved turned out to have little value.:crybaby:
  13. Spangle, I used to collect beanie babies too and kept them stored oh so nicely.

    Then I had a daughter (now 3) and whelp, that collection is now hers and I just gave up and let her play with them - taking tags off and everything.

    Eh, I just ended up not caring about any possibility of worth LOL Her joy was more happy to me LOL

    But if I had not have had her, they would still be boxed up untouched! LMAO
  14. *hangs head in shame*

    I have X-Men comics and cards from the late 80's, early 90's. Not so much cuz I thought they would be worth anything, but more because I loved the story lines (before it got totally out of control with spin-offs) and the art. I haven't a CLUE how much I spent on them all, but I checked EBay a few years ago, just for kicks, and the card collection was worth something like $75, sans special cards.

    Something slightly more interesting: I saved some of my mum's clothing from ages and ages ago. There's a beautiful Pucci dress that I can't wear (God, my mum was TINY!), an Oscar de la Renta jacket that's embellished that is STUNNNNNNING that again, I can't wear, a Givenchy cropped, leather, paisley printed jacket that is just so funky and cute, I can't imagine my mum EVER wore, and a few other random items. These things I hope to hold onto forever, no matter the monetary value.
  15. Since I was a child, I collected those 1970's promo glasses from mcdonald's, hardees, etc.

    I have entire collections of the Smurfs, Superheros, some Strawberry Shortcake, you name it. They've neven been drank out of and packed away since purchase.

    What to do w/them?! I'm strangely attached to them as seeing them brings back instant warm feelings, but they're in boxes in the basement collecting dust.

    I checked on eBay just recently and a set of 8 went for 80.00. I'm worried I'll regret it if I sell it...but they're doing me no good in boxes.

    What to do?!