ever returned a chanel?

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  1. just wondering, have you ever returned a chanel after purchasing? if so, for what reasons?
  2. A lot of the times I buy sight unseen, so yes I have returned bags for many reasons from a) too small b) didn't like color 3) doesn't suit me, etc.
  3. i've never returned anything. the toronto boutique doesn't allow return, and if i'm buying from the u.s. it is way too much trouble to ship the item across the border.
  4. Not yet, but I would if I found something wrong with the bag.
  5. Yes, on several occasions and for several reasons, to SAKS, not to the boutique.
  6. Yes, 2. The first was because I decided a flap style wasn't really my style. The second because I found I wasn't using the bag; the tag was still on six months later. I finally decided to return it which helped defray the cost of a tote I was dying to buy.
  7. No, but I would if the bag was defective.
  8. yep...mostly because it was an impulse buy :shame:
  9. I have returned wallets but not bags. I usually do my research and spend time thinking about it (as it involves a lot of money) and usually am pretty certain about my purchases=)
  10. I've returned once; I bought black caviar e/w flap then black caviar timeless clutch. I felt like they were too similar in size, etc. I never carried the bag and it still had a tag. :yes:
  11. im in the process of doing it now. I went to return my red perforated classic flap but the manager wasnt in today, so off I head again tomorrow.
  12. yes. because i have no chanels nearby, and could only place phone order. and sometimes the QA is not as high as i would like, so i would just kindly return and let the SA know.
  13. Not yet. But if something goes wrong before 14 days, I would surely return it or exchange it.
  14. Yes. In one case, the bag was simply too difficult to get my things in and out of; I didn't make it out of the bedroom! The other 2 times it was due to sight unseen: the color was NOT going to work w/my wardrobe or me.

    It happens. However, I have always found a bag to purchase when I've gone to return, so I don't think the SA was too upset, lol.
  15. Yes, because I usually buy my bags without seeing them in person and a couple of times the bag just didn't live up to my expectations.