Ever Regret Returning or Selling a bag?

  1. I have some bags and some accessories that i am thinking about either returning or selling. I just don't use them, ever, and i could use the extra money (to buy more bags of course lol!).

    Anyway, have you ever returned or sold a bag or accessory and then totally kicked yourself later on? Some of the things were the last of their kind at the outlets, and others i think i could probably find again but at a higher price.

  2. yes- just shipped it today. It was my Pond Shoulder bag that I bought for myself and decided I had too many Coach bags and sold it on eBay.
  3. Yep - many times actually! I don't even want to admit how many times I bought and sold the LV Speedy. :shame:
  4. Yes! I regret not purchasing the legacy striped muffler last year. As far as selling Coach, not really.
  5. ^^I'm soo with you on that muffler.

    I had the Punch Sig Stripe tote, zip around wallet & mini skinny. I sold them all when prices were crazy on eBay over the summer. I don't regret it too bad now, but during the summer I felt like kicking myself.
  6. I regret not buying the Coach [FONT=&quot]LEGACY LEATHER SATCHEL BAG #10330....:crybaby:[/FONT]
  7. There is one of these for sale for cheap in whiskey on a site I know of. Let me know if you are still looking and I'll give you the link.
  8. No, I don't regret my one Coach sell on eBay. I sold my sig stripe shoulder tote and that got me *pretty* close to enough for my new Legacy shoulder bag that I just bought last week at the Coach boutique!! :smile: I love this one WAY more than the shoulder tote, I had only used that bag a few days.
  9. I've sold two Coach bags on eBay and I don't even miss them, so I'm not sad. It helped me get the Bleecker duffle and my new Rebecca Minkoff bag.
  10. I've come very close to selling a limited edition wristlet and also one of my soho suede demis on ebay, but then decided against it last minute. So to this day I still haven't sold any of my Coach items.