Ever put Honey on your acne?

  1. My Mom read something in an herbal book (she's a nut for non-medical cures, seriously tho, they work SO much better than anything perscription, and are A LOT cheaper) that said that the honey killed all the bacteria and healed the skin and this and that and the other and it said if you covered your boo boo with honey and put a band-aid or surgical tape over it, it would be gone in the morning.

    I've been using toothpaste a lot and it's REALLY dried out my skin. I'm doing the Honey thing now. I don't know if it'll work or not, but I've got a lot riding on this. So I'll let you know!
  2. please let me know if it works! will fly to get honey right away. lol.

    btw, toothpaste works? hmmms.
  3. WOW you are adventurous. yes i've heard about honey but i've never tried it and i never dare to try making homemade mask and using it on my face.

    let me know how it works out!!

    toothpaste on your pimples?!?! wow

    any herbal cures for breaking out? i'm way beyond the teenage years but i'm still dealing with breakouts. sigh.

    any herbal curse for marks from breakouts ??

    i think you're going to be resident beauty herbalist =)
  4. I drink a glass of warm water with honey in it every morning, because it's supposed to help cleans out the toxins in my body. Haven't heard of putting it on my face though. Interesting. Let us know the results! :biggrin:
  5. I've heard that toothpaste is of no help, just a beauty myth. But tell us about the honey results
  6. there was another pfer who also mentioned honey for acne and they said it cleared their skin.

    please keep us posted!
  7. ive heard about crushing up asprin and mixing it w/water and honey for your pores i think??? never tried it though
  8. I'm not a chemist but I think asprin is from willows bark and is salicylic acid? Salicylic acid is sometimes used for the treatment of acne so it is logical if you crush an asprin and mix with water and honey you've made yourself an acne rinse! LOL
  9. oh, that's pretty interesting... my SO recently had a cut on his face a couple weeks ago, and it looked pretty bad at the time. so we went to walgreen's to pick up some neosporin, and while we were talking about it possibly leaving a noticeable scar... this lady approached us and said to use honey and ground coffee beans, rub it on the wound, and put a bandaid over it. SO thought she was nuts, so he didn't do it and just let it heal on it's own... there is a noticeable scar now, but it's not as bad anymore. i wonder if it would've helped had he tried the honey thing.

    that was the first i ever heard of anything like that, but i didn't know honey could also be used for acne. please let us know if it works!
  10. I've heard that honey is a natural anti-infectant, so it sounds like it would work. Have tried the toothpaste trick and I think it's great for smaller acne. DH swears by it!
  11. I've been using toothpaste for years on my spots and to be honest I don't really know if it does anything! It's just a habit that when I get a spot I put some toothpaste on it.
  12. toothpaste dries your skin out, which in turn dries up the zit! thats all i know, the honey thing is interesting, keep us posted
  13. great thread. please let us know if it works.
  14. ohhhhhhh.... this is sooo interesting!!! please keeup us posted!! =P
  15. UPDATE!!!!!!!

    Ok, Day 1. Woke up, acne on the right side of my face was noticably...gone! Whoo hoo, except for a few little ones that I'm majorly stressing over right now. But getting back to the subject...The huge spots on my left side were considerably smaller and I was able to cover them up with makeup.

    Definatly try the honey thing. It doesn't dry out the skin like toothpaste does. While toothpaste works for me, honey seems to be working quicker! Highly recommended thus far!