Ever purged your collection in pursuit of one bag? How did it go?

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  1. Yep, I know it might sound crazy to some, but I am seriously contemplating selling several of my mid-level designer bags in pursuit of the most expensive (obviously premium designer) handbag that I have ever owned. I currently own about 11 handbags, and would be selling 5 of them in excellent used condition in order to fund a single, very classic handbag in my favorite color.

    Have any of your ever done something like this? If so, how did it work out for you?

    (I also should perhaps also clarify that I have done substantial collection purges before and don't usually harbor any regrets. I prefer having a small to mid-sized, very well-loved handbag collection. I am the person that my family and friends call when they need help cleaning out their closets!!!) :nuts:
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  2. This sounds sooo exciting! I purge often too but I've never sold 5 bags to purchase 1. If that one bag will bring you more joy than the 5 total, go for it!
  3. You sound like me Loquita (when people call you to clean out their closets) I'm always helping out-I love doing stuff like that-it's a great feeling to purge the closet of unnecessary clutter. I agree with Tonij2000....if that one ultra classic bag in your favorite color makes you happier than having 5 ok purses, I say go for it too!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you get!!! Are you going to keep us all in suspense?

    EDIT: I see a YSL Roady in RED in your 'wishlist' now and no cherry Treesje! That's a freakin awesome bag, if that's the one you are getting I say go for it- you won't regret YSL-they're fab. I have 2!
  4. I've done some purging in the past. Not so much as sell them all as some were given away to family members. I don't think I purged specifically to fund the purchase of new bag but more to get dh on board. He thinks 2 bags is TOO many. :rolleyes:

    So far I have no regrets except for maybe an LV I sold to a friend recently. I wanted a bigger size and didn't see the need to have two of the exact same bags.

    If you don't like/love your bags anymore then sell them. No point in letting them collect dust.
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  5. toni and Antonia,

    Thanks for the encouragement!! :smile: And yep, Antonia, I am leaning towards a red Roady, but am waiting for some more info. from some folks who own them in the YSL subforum.

    My only fear is that I will fall so in love with this one luxe bag that I will be ruined for mid-level designers forever. :nuts:
  6. LOL, Mimster, your DH should hang out with my man!! :lol:

    He thinks that 1 black handbag should do me. Period. (Whatever...)

    And I understand the teeny regrets once in a while, believe me I do. I still regret selling one rare Rebecca Minkoff bag that I sold in haste last spring. But I haven't dropped dead of regret yet so no it's all good!!
  7. I have never sold a bag but I think your thinking is sensible. I really do. You have graduated to another plateau. I can relate because so have I. I must warn you however, that it can get very costly! I am saving to purchase my next bag but that is when I am calling it quits because I am not one to switch to a different bag every day of the same color. I truly like to savor my bags. I have about five moderate priced bags and two high end with hopefully a third to come soon. I am going to share something with you that not many others are willing to do. - I learned that when you buy a "premier designer" handbag, although it costs upward a thousand and up, I find it doesn't mean it is a bag that can take on the world. For instance, I am used to wearing my Gryson every day in rain, sleet, hail or snow. I can't do the same with my YSL Rive Gauche bag because it is made of a different leather that I have researched does not fair well in that climate. This can be true with a lot of high end bags so before you do anything, check the forums and research what you want. Best of luck to you!!!
  8. I'm not so sure about this, LOL! I have a few big names and while I do love the big guys, I love the little guys still.
  9. i've done it as well...but then felt some regret...so, what i'm doing now is setting my sights on top designers and getting a moderate bag from them as opposed to the top of the line...that way i get to keep most of my bags and get a "flavor" from a new line!
  10. Well, I think that happens to many of us here. We start of with entry level bags and next thing you know, $1500 on a bag is acceptable-lol! The attention to detail of luxe bags is amazing and the leather just feels better (although on a side note, I do own an MK bag and the leather on that is so buttery soft-and it's one of my 'cheaper' bags). I don't take most of mine out in the rain for fear of ruining the leather, except my LV Damier (indestructable) and my MJ patent leather hobo. YSL bags have understated elegance that many other designers don't have, JMHO. Good luck with whatever you decide!! :smile:
  11. when i started collecting LV i had many mid $$$ leather bags. i sold 3 and got a LV with the cash, it was the bast thing i ever did. No regrets at all i love the one LV way more that the other 3 bags i sold to fund it.
  12. go for it!! :biggrin:
  13. I have done the same because I was a little disappointed with the bags I had. But thankfully like Bga, I like to savor my bags and I usually use one favorite for everyday. If I was a person that liked many different colors and to change my bags often then it can get pretty expensive.
    Just FYI: Though I recently bought higer end bags, including a ysl RG that I love and a Hermes Evelyne........I find myself back looking at a certain aubergine bag;)
    so doesn't mean you won't return to the mid-level designer bags.

    You're not thinking of getting rid of a gorgeous wine colored mms are you?:graucho:
  14. Charmed, you are too funny!!! :lol:

    And I did used to own a BE wine glossy MMS midi, and loved it...but sold it eventually, even though I have to say that the leather was fantastic, and teh leather divine. I just don't agree with the fact that many BE bags tend to look like they are battle-scarred on the corners after two wearings. :nuts:

    I think that I am done with some mid-level designers, because I would rather have 2-3 fantastic bags (plus a little mid-level workhorse or two :graucho:) than a collection of 10 bags that I for the most part like, but that leave me wanting for something more. And I am frankly sick of the atrocious CS that my previously preferred designer's company doles out on a regular basis. So that's that.

    I don't have the salary that permits me to get a very high-end bag all that often, but maybe waiting for what I really makes my heart skip a beat wouldn't be so bad for me after all... :graucho:

    A little patience is good for us all.
  15. Thanks! I very much agree with the need to "savor" my bags...even have 10 bags in my collection (which I know is not such a large number around here) drives me kind of crazy because I like to wear each bag so that it breaks in and becomes mine, so to speak. And I will definitely do my research. I want something classic, yet not stuffy. And it's gotta be RED!!!

    (My go-to color, and one that I'm sure to enjoy).