Ever purchased from Tresor Makati?

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  1. i think she is a pf-er... (i recall reading that somwhere). never bought from her tho.
  2. she is. yup. read her blog. Thebaghag Diaries: A Day in the Life of the Bag Hag
    i believe she is/was an editor of a bridal magazine, and she has high profile friends...VIP...knows celebs..etc etc...read her blog and you will understand exactly what i'm talking about.
  3. Uh, enlighten me, but what's a PF-er?
  4. What a great site! I could read it for hours!!!
  5. ^^ Member of the prestigious group known as the Purse Forum.
  6. Merci. :shame:

    I'm new here so pardon my ignorance.
  7. You now you are a member of the PF group!! :P
  8. Just went to that site and got a little confused about the prices ie, St Jaques for (what at first looked like to me) $45,000 :wtf: . I was looking for the rare diamonds on it when I hit "Contact Us" and realized the store in not in the US. :lol:

    Never ordered from them but her blog is interesting :wlae: