Ever owned something b4 it became an "IT" Item or worn something b4 a celeb has?

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  1. I was just thinking that i should start this thread while typing about my fashion similarites with Camilla Belle under the "Fashion Icons" Thread


    Has anyone here ever owned or saw something that you were going to get, then the next day open the magazine, and see a celeb wearing it, and think DAMN!...or OH ****!

    This happens to me soooooooooooo often, and sometimes these items arent even always items, or designer. They could be an idea of how to wear something.


    Have you ever owned an item quite a while b4 you see a celeb with it, then it becomes an "IT" item, and by that time your soooooooooooo over it.
  2. no I don't think so...:crybaby:j/k!
  3. i was into white bags b4 they became hot i really wanted one and couldnt find one anywhere....i even went to Chanel in the village and asked if they had any white bags and they SA said "no! not unless i order it in, maybe from somewhere like dallas!!" and he said it in a very rude way, like he was disgusted & shocked!
    but now of course white bags are everywhere

    not that they're an object but I also had my little chihuahua always in my life that i took around everywhere with me and now everyone is like who do you think you are paris hilton??
    that really irrates me
  4. I soo know what you mean. like when the mukluks came out, i saw them in vogue, then i saw kate moss had them(though she may have had them b4 me...DUH!), and then all of a sudden, it was lindsay, paris, jessica.....i hated that, and had to retire mine.
  5. yeah honestly now it is such a hassel to take my pup with me bc i get so many nasty paris comments...i realize i don't even take them with me so much anymore bc of it:sad:
  6. mmm, does this count...... i'm in love at the first sight with magnolia bottega venetta, love it smoochy smoochy leather and perfect colour, and save dime by dime to get one, then suddenly i saw denise richards photo's wearing one, and i just felt like, ummm, she didnt really rockin that bag (sorry this is personal opinion) and i dont know it is because of her or something down the road i feel like pink is not really for me... i'm still in love with venetta bag, but, still waiting for the right perfect colour for me.
  7. Yes, and sometimes I think it is kinda freaky. I feel that I can predict what will be hot up to a month in advance. I will totally be loving something that I see and/or buy and then I look in the gossip mags and there is MY item. I wish that I could be a personal shopper or stylist. I would be sooo good at this.;) Spending other's money comes natural to me, along with shopping.:rolleyes:
  8. Yes, I have realized that this is true also. I used to love taking my "fat boy" Latte (PomChi) out shopping with me, and now I get these looks like I have lost my mind. Maybe because I am talking to my baby?:confused1: Whatever.
    Here is a pic of Latte.

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  9. Oh yeah...it has happened before and then I just wait until the next hot trend hits, then start wearing the item again. Lol.
  10. ummm my alice and olivia dress that i bought two months ago was featured last week on mandy moore's video extraordinary.
    its the blue mod 60's one in the opening shot.....
    i was happy that someone cute like mandy was wearing it.

  11. ITA....it's really good to know im not alone.
  12. i get comments about my dog too, because i have a louis vuitton dog carrier, but i get compared to Jessica Simpson! I had my doggy bag before i even knew she had one!! and my dogs almost 5 years old, but everyone thinks i copied her!!!!
  13. Yes - there's a shop called Office here in the UK that does a range of vintage inspired shoes. I bought a 1920's type mary jane style pair then a few weeks later Johnny Depps girlfriend Vanessa Paradis was pictured wearing them at a red carpet do!

    Plus I was into vintage WAY before it became trendy - since I was 13 (now 36) I was trawling the markets and antique fairs here then over the last few years suddenly it became trendy! I was there first!
  14. i bought & wore a gorgeous yellow dress last year, a betsey johnson vintage, and everyone was coming up to me and saying what are you wearing:wtf:?!?! like a was a freak!!

    one woman even said i look liked a should be in an austin powers movie!!
    hmm well yellow dresses are "in" now so whatever biatches!!
  15. Funny I was just dicussing this very topic wih my DH. I have had the cartier love bracelt for years and now you cannot open a mag without a pic of some celebrity wearing it. I like different and somewhat unique things . . . so I just hate when this happens