Ever not liked a bag, then saw it IRL and loved it?

  1. Went shopping today and got a call that the local H boutique had received in a kelly. Already on that side of town, so I went to see what it was. I'm still educating myself, but I knew neither of the kellys they received in were for me. However, I tried on a lindy and I must say I LOVED this bag! It was 30 ebene veau evergrain and fabulous. She doesn't sing to me like the kellys do, but if I had the money I would have snatched her up. That leather is sooooo soft. I had them bring out several bolides so I could see different leather combinations. My favorite is still chevre! I also figured out that I do prefer the sellier style and love the contrasting stitching. It was a fun time. The SA asked how I learned so much about H (names of leathers & such) since I was "new" to H. Of course, I told her about TPF and all the wonderful ladies (& gents) on here. This has really been a great resource for me, since the boutique here is really small and doesn't get a ton of inventory. I did walk out with a twilly, but that was it for today. Thanks again for this great forum!

  2. Hehe, I think that happens to everybody. Especially with something like Hermes, its much more beautiful irl than it is in pictures and descriptions.
    Pictures may say a thousand words, but hermes goods say millions :smile:
  3. Glad to hear you had a great time with H. I know about the Lindy fromt he pics I was unsure but when I tried it on...
  4. I had seen alot of Birkins on film or in photos and I was not impressed with them. But then several years ago I was out shopping and spotted a lady with a 30cm Black Birkin and it was all downhill after that!! Love at first sight! lol
  5. Wonderful story!
  6. I also had reservations with respect to the Lindy and for me, the Massai, until I saw them both IRL. I especially fell hard for the Massai!
  7. I thought the Lindy looked weird until I tried it on. Now the Lindy is my favourite shape!
  8. Amy, :tup: impressive and good that you have narrowed down what you like in a kelly.

    Yes, Lindy is one bag that you cannot just view it 2D. In 3D, it is unique!

    Tokyogirl, i really wish that they have Massai in various colours at the store so that you can go like ... finally my favourite colour in a style i like!
  9. I am almost the same as you, I don't like the Lindy even when I saw MrsS' lindy, never attempted to try it on because of the shape (am worried it might emphasis on my not-so-nice part of my body) but lately Lindy grew on me and brought one home instead of a 25cm kelly ^__^
  10. Really?? I don't like the lindy very much now. I am afraid that if I try it on, I might like it.:upsidedown:

    Amytude, great story!!
  11. I agree! I am now contemplating a red one, of course, that I have not seen....
  12. Muahahaa That is what happened on the Massai and to think I would had known better but no, I tried on a Lindy and it came home with me. :whistle:
  13. I will try on next time I go to the boutique. Thank you princessfrog. :flowers:
  14. which is why i am telling myself... don't try the constance...giving excuses that it is not contemporary enough..but I have seen so many nice box ones!
    because i am afraid that i will come home with it.
  15. You did! WOW! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:You never used to like the Lindy, I remember! What is the specs of your new acquistion? You have gotta PM me.