Ever NOT BUY at Hermes?

  1. OK, I know, it's a strange thing to say....I am visiting my store on Saturday with a friend (whom is just as H-crazy as I) after a leisurely lunch discussing everything Hermes, we usually hit the store, bug all the SA's, buy lots, and get kicked out at closing time. I usually have far too many things in mind to purchase....THIS time, however, there is NOTHING that I want. Nothing. Yes, I am in saving mode for NY, and have a list of what I'm hoping to score on that trip, but I am completely stumped that there is nothing that I can think of that I want to come home with this time.

    Am I ill? :sad:
  2. No, sometimes things don't whisper your name.
    I went to the boutiquea couple of weeks ago and it was pulling teeth on what I wanted to buy.
    I ended up with a couple of things, but they were sold out of the things I wanted to buy.
  3. You're definitely not ill. I can empathize. I'm like that too, everytime I go in I buy something. I feel like something's not right when I didn't leave the store with a little orange bag. But two weeks ago, I went in there and stayed til closing time and didn't leave with a single thing!:wtf: But what's even more weird was I was in a sickening GOOD mood when I left in spite of not having bought anything. How weird is that?

    Uhm ... of course, this week I bought a little something (very little something) but I needed a little orange box to cheer myself up (vodka isn't working).
  4. I don't have a problem spending time there and not buying something (I do that all the time)...it's just that I ALWAYS WANT something.......from a scarf (usually a scarf) to a bracelet, or RTW, or SOMETHING......but this time......nothing......

    It's kinda scary.
  5. You're not ill. You're a smart shopper who knows how to strategise. I would be weak like jelly, if I were in your shoes. No self control. I think this visit to your H store before your big trip will help sharpen your decision on what you really want! :yahoo:
  6. You're in preparation mode for NYC I guess. You can get inspired at your local boutique and then hit the Big Apple!
  7. Maybe you've already bought out everything that you wanted at your local store:nuts: Man, I can't wait to see what you bring back from NYC!!!:yahoo:
  8. yep, I guess that's what it is.....

    actually, I tell a lie. If my SA came out with a vert jasmin or a beige-rose p/croc 28 Kelly, THEN I'd want something!! Mind you, I think the old card would decline THAT transaction at the moment!! LMAO!! Luckily, the chances of that happening are pretty low. LOL...
  9. But that´s a good thing right:nuts: It´s good to think things through and wait for something.
  10. Oh yes, Nola, I totally agree, and I'm very much a ponderer...LOL! But I have never visited the store, and not lusted after something....but this time.....nope....nada.....

    You know what, I'll probably bloody go there and come home with a bag...or ten scarves - LMAO!!
  11. Ooooh, yeah, those are the once-in-a-lifetime bags! :drool:
  12. hi GF, i don't think it's odd at all! when i visit, i usually don't buy anything. i usually just end up bugging the SAs (who thankfully put up with me). i'm doing "research" for my next purchase down the road! :biggrin:
  13. Aaahhhh.....I know how you feel, GF. I don't want anything either. But in my case it's just knowing that even if I DID want something,I wouldn't be able to FIND it in my store. So, that leaves me not wanting anything and then when I go and I DO find something I'm thrilled! KWIM????

    But.....I don't want anything either. I'm saving myself for NYC where I'll probably find everything I didn't know I wanted all in one place.................:wacko:
  14. Yes, I constantly don't buy at Hermes! :p

    I think its good you didn't see anything you liked - maybe you could add to your NY savings the average cost of what you would normally have spent on that Saturday shopping trip.
  15. You probably hit your saturation point. You know, shopping at Hermes after a while if you go in regularly, well, you just run out of things to buy. You end up finding that you own everything already probably.