Ever miss that new leather smell?

  1. I'm so sad over something so silly right now, lol :shame: That green leather COACH I bought from Becca, I havent even used it yet, but I keep taking it out of the dustbag to smell the leather. I love that new leather smell! Now that I've taken it out so many times just to smell and baby it that new leather smell is starting to fade away.

    Anyone else love the smell of new leather? lol :shame:
  2. it's funny that you should mention about that new leather smell

    i was once at a Coach counter with my husband who was attempting to sniff the bags
    what he failed to realize that the signature bags do not contain a significant amount of leather

    but there is something just yummy about good leather
    now i want a new leather bag hehe
  3. I love the smell of new leather bag too. I take it out of the dustbag & smell it too....LOL
  4. I think out of all the bags that I have. YSL bags smell the best!! The leather smell is out of this world. I know sounds wierd but so true!
  5. I love the smell of my LV wallet and agenda!
  6. I love the smell of new leather too.
  7. my mom is always sniffing the leather whenever she gets a new bag. i think i've inherited some of her DNA as well. :shame:
  8. YES!! I miss all my new leather smells...
  9. I love leather bags but I hate the new leather smell. It gives me a headache :-S
  10. I totally agree!
  11. My brand spanking' new whiskey paddy made my whole entrance way smell terrific. Funny thing though, I just received a 7 month old gently used paddy and I still can smell it's leather!