Ever lose out on your HG because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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  1. I've been searching high and low for my ultimate HG, an 07 Plomb SGH Day and have resigned myself to the fact that it's long gone. Low and behold, when I'm too busy to get on the PC, one shows up on fleabay yesterday and it was gone in a flash!:crybaby: I've been kicking myself for the better part of the morning and am beside myself.:cry: This has happened to me in the past, one too many times, and I'm just soooooo sad. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. So sorry to hear :sad: Hopefully you will see another one soon :yes::heart:

    I have lost out on a few bags by missing the end of auctions on ebay - but none so far have been my HG. Luckily!
  3. It's happened to me a few times, so I feel ya!

    I've been on Ebay for many years now and if there's one thing I've learnt, is that sooner or later, the exact item in the exact condition within your price range will show up (and show up again if you miss it the first, second, or even third time around). Just be patient and you'll get your hands on your HG sooner or later:smile:
  4. That has happened to me many times but eventually your luck turns around! You'll find one when you least expect it!
  5. Aww man! I'm sorry you lost it :crybaby:

    I'm sure your luck will turn around soon and you'll find her!
  6. Oh no! Sorry you lost that one. But don't beat yourself up-- you WILL find another one, one that is meant to be yours!
  7. So sorry for you LG!!
    It's happened to me of course...I ALWAYS miss great deals on evilbay...and always admire other tpfers' ones!
    Last time it was my HG: a 03 black first (long strap) GREAT DEAL...but missed it. It happens when you say to yourself "no, I can't look every single day to ebay's auctions. I'll have a look tomorrow!"
    Don't worry: I'm sure you'll find another one (I found a 04 black first, and also if it hasn't got the longer strap I love it!) just don't give up!!
  8. I'm so sorry Louis_gal,but I'm pretty sure one day you'll find it:yes:. It's happened to me with the VG..cos I wasn't sure about the day style.It's sad I haven't got a VG yet:hysteric:,but I prefer to wait,and when a Part Time is available for me,I'll be finally content with her!!!
    Let's hope!!!:graucho:
  9. I found an apple green city on the bay and was going to bid on it (OK, this was at work on my blackberry) and one of the partners walked in with comments on my work and spent the next hour talking with me. After he was gone, I ran up to my blackberry to buy the bag but it was gone!!!
  10. I feel your pain!! I think we've all had something like that happen. When you call a store, and the last one sold...30 minutes ago! Ugh!
  11. chris, it was NWT and in my price range! That's what hurts the most, because I'll probably never find it at that price again and NWT to boot:crybaby:
  12. LOL, Babi! I know what you mean about checking everyday, because the one day I don't check, it pops up!
  13. Arggghhh, I wished the multi-quote was working.:cursing: I hope you find your VG soon too, Antubella. I know we've both been looking for our HG's forever:sad:
  14. Oh no, shopdoc! I feel your pain....:sad:
  15. Thank you!!!:flowers: Yes,forever...I'll be a weird old lady with a VG bag one day..LOL