Ever look in these stores?

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  1. i was wondering if anybody here has ever heard of stores like marshalls or tj maxx... lol very far from high end but its a good rainy day store bc they have tons of stuff to browse through...lately there has been a lot of coach and dooney bags there for 50-60% off which is pretty good and they do have a lot of cole haan and sigrid olsen ( i love the colors of her bags) and occassionally some rafe ( i found a rafe clutch there for $50..but then i returned it realizing i would never use it :cry: lol) and i was there about a week ago when i took my grandmother for lunch and we found very nice stewart weitzman shoes for $55 :nuts:... a lot of times they will have odd colors but their prices are amazing...
    Also i was wondering if anybody had heard of overstock.com... they do have some nice bags... gucci, prada, fendi and sometimes ysl... its really a hit or a miss though too. well i just wanted to let everyone know in case they have some time to browse ( i always like the hunt to find a deal lol) and i wanted to see if anybody has found any good deals at these places??
  2. I have found good deals at TJ Maxx but on home stuff only; and once on a Kenneth Cole leather jacket.
    I like TJ Maxx's home accessory selection; I get fabulous towels and pillows for 75% off what they would be at the higher end stores.

    Loehmanns is a huge goldmine for high-end clothing and handbags. The will carry Moschino, D&G, Miu Miu, Celine, all the high-end handbag overstock.
    Also, the clothing - at Loehmanns you can get cashmere sweaters (the nice ones) for $50. Loehmanns is worth the trip!! Hmm...today is the Broncos playoffs game - could be a good day for a little afternoon shopping...:suspiciou
  3. ooo thanks loganz i am going to have to check out loehmanns... tj maxx does have a lot of home stuff put i always end up in the purse/shoe section its like a magnet! lol but their home stuff is great i just found a lenox lamp for $200... lol i might tuck it away for a gift and they also have a lot of odd pieces like lately steiff bears ( idk if anybody has heard for these but they are expensive mohair teddy bears from germany) i just bought one there for $150 which is like $250 off of retail which makes me a very happy lady.. lol
  4. I got some Coach bags and wristlets at TJMaxx. Good deals!
  5. Loganz, I was thinking the same thing!! Today is a great day for shopping here in Colorado! Where is Loehmanns?
  6. It is across from the park meadows mall on County Line Road. When you exit County Line Rd it would be on your right hand side; in the same parking lot as the Rock Bottom Brewery and World Market.

    The store is huge - in the very back is all the swanky designers, in the middle is the "Savvy" designers (borrowing a word from Nordstroms); such as, Juicy, Edward Sewn, Joes Jeans, etc...
    Right in the front to the left are the handbags, wallets, scarves, jewelery, etc.
  7. The TJ Maxx here have Coach sometimes too. Never bought one but they are good deals. ;)
  8. I've found manolo, cynthia rowley, claudia ciutti, giuesspe zanotti,coach, dooney, kate spade, stuart weitzman, beverly feldman, ugg (ick), etc. at tj maxx and at marshalls...it is such a hassle to dig through all of it, but it is a good rainy day store...
  9. I'm in California---TJ Maxx and Marshalls are usually great sources for "main stream" department store lines. They're owned by the same corporation. TJ Maxx seems to have better household decorating items and some stores carry jewelry.

    Usually for purses, I'll see Coach and Cole Haan in terms of the highest end stuff. If you like looking through things, both stores can reap some good buys.
  10. Thanks, Loganz. I will have to check it out the next time I am up that way.
  11. OMG i luv loehmans...esp the one next to beverly center. Ive found this one classic theory perfect little dress for $80 there once...still my fav dress to wear. Also this other time found a Dior chinese inspired tie necklace i had been drooling over (retail 200+ ) for about $80. Also if u sign up for their email, they send u coupons regularly, and those extra wutever percent off really adds up!
    As for TJmax/marshalls, i havent had much experience there, but my friend recently bought couple pairs of paper denim jeans there for about $60, turned out pretty cute!
    FYI- for those of you living in SoCal, if u love designer jeans, check out store Appplet in city of industry, or Marias Fashion in Alhambra. They have everything from true religion to diesel for about half the price. Almost all my jeans were from those stores.
  12. There is no loehmans near us:evil:. We have a marshalls but it really sucks. They have really cheap ugly shoes and only seem to have fetish and Tommy H bags:sick:.
  13. LOL!

    And Ecko bags too!
  14. lol i don't know what kind of tjmaxx y'all go to, because ours sucks. gross.
  15. ooh! steiff bears! i've been to the factory in germany! the bears are quite lovely and top quality. :biggrin: