Ever look forward to the day a bag is to arrive only to be let DOWN???

Nov 14, 2011
I ordered the Raspberry Gathered Leather Sophia Sunday night with PCE. Paid the extra shipping to get it here today and when I open the box, it looks like CRAP.

I had my camera out to do a reveal even tho it has been revealed many times but when I got the dustbag out, it was such a big disappointment that I put the camera away.

It was packaged very nicely all wrapped up on with tissue paper inside the dust bag. As soon as I pulled the tissue paper off, it went downhill from there.

The dustbag had black marks that looked like grease all over it. I had a sinking feeling the rest of the bag would not be up to par as well...

Well, the good news is there is no grease on the bag. The bad news is that the pleats on the front left hand side of the bottom are non-existent. It is completely flat. And the right hand side in the middle they are flattened out as well. Also, the tag is attached to the bag but the price is gone. Where the perforated MSRP price is usually located is torn off.

It clearly looks like a return to me. I was planning on taking it for a PA but I dont think that I want to keep it now. It looks bad already and I know from having the gathered leather bags, it will only relax more over time.

So, now I have to decide if I want to keep it and try to get the PA bringing it down to around $209 or just return it to FP and get my almost $400 back. Or trade it for the Aubergine. I just don't think that this bag is worth the even $200 that it would be at outlet price.

Oh yeah, LAST WEEK, I ordered the Sun canvas sneakers in the online sale to match my tote. I ordered a 6.5. I got them, the box says 6.5 and the shoes say 6.5 but when I tried them on, they look like they are about an 8.5! I am about to be done with Coach.

Sorry there are no pics but I think any of you that own a gathered leather bag know how bad it looks. I was just too upset to take pics!
Dec 6, 2011
I'm sorry this happened to you. I know how disappointing that can be. You'd think people would look it over before they toss it in the box and slap a shipping sticker on it. I guess they figure no one will really care and won't send it back. I hope this gets resolved.


Crazy for Coach!
Mar 8, 2009
Oh no, I am sad to hear this. Mine is out for delivery. I hope it is not messed up especially since I specifically asked if anything was wrong with it. I have a graphite one and it is gorgeous. Hope you find something great at MK.