ever long search for a 'perfect' stroller

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  1. hey there!
    i have been looking for strollers but really not sure what i want! need advice please!
    i need a stroller that is compact, easy to steer, and would be good for everyday strolls. i dont live near trails, so we wont be doing those. we will mostly be strolling around downtown and parks once in a while when we manage to get out there.
    it would be nice if it folded well for travelling on planes or cars.
    i was thinking of a maclaren quest. do any of you have this one? i have read on the forum here that it is great for packing when going on vacations since it is so compact, great to steer, and lightweight. i am wondering if it is a good stroller for everday use though.
    or do you think i should get a maclaren and another stroller for everyday use? if so, which one?
    i currently own a graco mosaic, and i do not like it! hard to steer and definitely cannot steer with one hand unless i want the stroller to go on an angle :P
    my babe is currently 7 months old and i would like something that will last for a long while yet.
    also, price is a factor. i am not looking for anything as expensive as the bugaboo or higher. thanks so much to anyone who can give me any input!!!
  2. Orbit Travel System!!!

    I can steer it all around with one hand... circles and turns included! It's super easy to fold up... and it has a built it diaper bag. I recommend it 110%
  3. If I were to buy a singleton stroller, I would buy something that at least had a cupholder. My combi twin savvy has cupholders and it is such a blessing because I can put food in there for my kids to snack on as I shop! That and it is easy to maneuver, is lightweight, and has the ability to fold compactly so that it fits inside an airport x ray machine.

    Also try this book on reviews:


    Good luck in your search!
  4. I have a Quinny Zapp which I adore, it's super easy to steer (nicest I've ever tried!), folds very small (smallest available in the US), is easy to fold once you get the hang of it lol (took a day for me), and comfortable for my 3 yo and 1.5 yo. It does not recline, but honestly once they're over 6 months or so, neither of my kids have cared if a stroller is reclined or not. They usually prefer it upright, actually! For naps and everything...maybe they're just weird lol, I don't know, all I know is that the Zapp is the perfect stroller for us. :yes: It's not too bad on sidewalks either, BTW. The wheels are much nicer than Maclarens IMO, I've had a couple of Maclarens and I've never been too thrilled with them. If I needed just one do-it-all stroller, I'd go for either an Orbit (pricey but totally cool and practical!), I'coo Targo (just came out, I had an I'coo Pico and it was amazing so I can only imagine that the Targo with the nicer features is even more so!), Buggster (similar to the Zapp with a recline, some people like it more, some people prefer the Zapp), Bugaboo, or Baby Jogger City/Elite Series. I know Baby Jogger might sound weird to put in the same category as a Bug or Orbit, but it's really the ultimate do-it-all. Can handle all terrains, folds up extremely easily and very compact, has a very small footprint, amazing huge canopy, one of the highest seatbacks of any stroller available, lots of features, and great customer service. I have the double and it has seriously been a lifesaver. HTH, good luck! :tup:
  5. ILuvMyHusband- thanks, i will look into it! can it be bought without a carseat? my son is outgrowing his right now.

    lorenzo94580- thanks for your input, a cupholder is a must!!! good for my starbucks. :biggrin:

    carlottalyn- thanks for all those suggestions! i am going to look up the i'coo. what is it about the maclaren that u don't like?
  6. I like and dislike my Maclaren Quest.

    *very light, easy to open & close
    *my 4 yr DD still can sit and sleep in it, my 9 months DS loves it
    *excellent for traveling

    *don't try to hang diaper on the stroller w/o baby in there
    *if baby's sleeping, you will not have access to the basket down the stroller

    for keys, phone, drinks, and etc..i love the Maclaren Universal Stroller Organizer.

    BTW, I just saw this stroller looks very similar to Maclaren, it's from Silver Cross. Don't know if they're good..

  7. thanks meow509. :biggrin:
    these are all important things to consider, thank you so much!

  8. Well I have had two Twin Travellers and a Twin Rally I believe? lol sorry, I've had too many strollers. ;) Basically, the wheels were awful IMO, compared to the other strollers I've had anyway...there's no way I'd take it on a sidewalk. The frame also seemed rattly, although that might be better in some of the larger Maclarens, I'm not sure. The hood coverage sucked, and the seats were nothing special, no extra padding, shorter seatback, crotch strap of at least the Rally's harness was too far forward...I don't know, I'm just not a Maclaren fan! :nogood: Some people are I realize, just make sure you check it out IRL before buying one if you decide you want one. I'm not sure if I can make this suggestion, if not please feel free to edit my post! but check out the yahoo group strollersandbeyond, it has the nicest group of ladies who have owned just about every stroller ever lol and love to help people out. :tup: HTH!
  9. wow! thanks, i am checking that site out right now. :biggrin:
  10. Oh and as far as cupholders/storage, those can be added to just about any stroller very easily with accessories (Valco cupholder works on almost any stroller, the whole Carry You line does as well, plus many other options!) so don't let that sway your decision too much. I have no life, can ya tell??:wlae: lol!
  11. i LOVE my ingelsina zippy!!
  12. i too would recomend the buzz as it is light and comes in funky colours and really easy to steer and foldsup tiny :yes: so perfect to permenantly stay in the boot of the car
  13. I have the Orbit and like it so far (my baby's only a month old, so I haven't used it a ton yet.) It is, however, pricey -- comparable to a Bugaboo. And I think it comes with the infant seat only, which I think you might be out of already or close to it with a 7 month old, with the toddler seat as an additional purchase, though I might be wrong about that. (That's the way mine came, and I don't think there's an option to not get the infant seat and only get the toddler seat to save $.)

    For little runaround umbrella-type strollers, I got an Inglesina Zippy. I'd thought I wanted a Maclaren, but when I tried them out side by side, I liked the Inglesina better. I'd take a look at them in person before you decide.
  14. thanks everyone for all ur advice and suggestions. :biggrin: