Ever just feel like paring down and starting over?

  1. My taste in bags (and my budget) has changed so much since I started out in the purse world. I sometimes think I should go through my collection and really weed some out so I can make room for new ones. There are a couple bags I have and truly love (my LVs, for starters), but the majority I just tolerate and that isn't how things should be. I have a lot of Coach, Fossil, Banana Republic bags from my early twenties... nothing wrong with them but I want better ones now, you know? Ones that would really make me happy. I'm thinking of just giving away or selling most of them and starting from scratch.

    Anyone else ever do this?
  2. Of course!! Your taste doesn't always stay the same. I think after a certain amount of time you can go through your bags and the ones you don't use to sell the on eBay to make room and money for new ones! It's totally normal.
  3. Yup, did and doing. My recent spending spree (something like 10 bags in the past 4 months!) was due to a slow realization that buying cheap bags in large quantities isn't better than buying quality bags in fewer numbers. I tossed all my old PVCs and now have about 12 well-made, unique, leather designer pieces and I am SATISFIED!
  4. :pYou sounded a lot like me! I'm extremely fickle minded and I always change my tastes. Even my mom teased me why I never change my husband?:lol:

    I always revamp my collection. It's like 'now you see it, now you don't'. I used to be crazy over Gap bags. Gap was not available in my country until recently. The previous bag collections something like 3 years ago when their IT bag was the trench hobo started my obsession and I sorta bought each and every designs every seasons and have them shipped across to my country at high costs. I even scoured eBay for them.:push:

    The irony is I never use most of them! Of the over 30 Gap bags that I have, I've only used 3??:shame: There's some designs that I wondered why I bought them in the first place and am now trying to sell them off in my local auction site. There's still a lot of them left which I'm not sure when I'll be able to sell them off or to use them eventually. My closet is bursting with more and more bags especially now my taste have matured and am going for classic designs. I still am a brand person and I'll still need my fix on LV, Gucci and Chanel. But ever since I've joined this forum, I've opened up my choices and am now contemplating getting a JC Mahala, more Mulberries, some Miu Mius and what nots.:drool:

    I have so many bags that I've never used and it's a joke collecting them, putting money on these bags and not investing them somewhere for a return. I hid my purchases from my husband but I think he knew but just turned a blind eye to it.:shame:
  5. ITA! I finally came to realization that I was buying bags to "tide me over" because I felt that I couldn't afford the bags I really wanted. Then one day it hit me...for all the ok bags I'd bought I could've had a couple of bags that I really loved! So I went through and sold everything that I didn't absolutely love. Obviously it didn't buy my new bags 100%, since they were used...but between my friends and eBay it gave me a nice chunk towards the bags I'd always wanted. And now, yes, I'm completely satisfied.

    My advice: Don't settle for a bag. It'll only satisfy you for a little while. ;)
  6. I did just pare down, and now I have 11 bags, two of which are clutches. It feels great to have a closet of the bags I really love. They are classics and keepers: some LV, a Gryson, a Mulberry, a Hogan, a Celine. I love having just a few great bags. I use and enjoy them.
    JUST GET RID OF BAGS YOU HAVE NOT USED IN A YEAR. Give them away if you have to. It is about lightening your mind, your attitude, your life. It is about CLEARING AWAY THE CLUTTER. Clutter weighs on your soul.
    It is painful to give them away, but once they are out of your sight and being used by someone who loves them, you will feel amazing. IT IS ACTUALLY VERY EMPOWERING. LESS IS MORE!!!
  7. yep, in uni, most of what i boguht was sort of disposable- guess, gap, jacob, etc. i have one lv (w matching accessories!) and m developping a nice coavh collection. the rest, i have slowly started to get rid off. i n olonger enjoy a seeing a shelft piled high w bags. of course, i think it is good to keep 1 or 2 aldo totes and cheap stuff for when designer is likely to get messed-up
  8. I'm feeling exactly the same way! I've started going through my bags and pulling the ones I don't love anymore. I've put them in a separate closet and have let friends know that I'm selling some and giving away others. My sister is getting a $400 Coach bag that I used maybe 5 times. I'm sick over the wasted money, but she recently told me that she has always wanted but never had a Coach bag. Knowing that it will be her first and that hopefully she'll love it makes me feel better about it. Thanks to this forum, I've realized that I want a few really good bags as opposed to 60 mediocre ones.
  9. Exactly my sentiment. Was buying sale items just to satisfy the "need". Finally realized that after joining tPF. I gave most of my "younger" bags to cousins and neices. And after 3 months of crazy shopping spree, I am happy with my current collection:yahoo:.
  10. Very well put! ITA:tup:
  11. Yep, I sold all of my collection and started new....felt so good to get rid of the bags I was tiring of. I was into a lot of the "it" bags that have lost their appeal, so I'm glad I sold when I did. I'm back into LV...I love every bag that I have. I think sometimes it's just good to start over.
  12. what a great thread...i am in the process of doing this also, i have sooo many dooneys, coaches etc. that i just dont use anymore and havent in a long time. it feels great to get rid of them, especially to someone that i know will love them and enjoy them as i did. its about quality not quantity with me now, i dont need or want alot of bags anymore, just a handful of really nice quality bags. i love what tropical gal said, its so true.
  13. My husband has been TRYING to tell me this for 14 years - His words, "We have too much stuff." Well, he's from middle Europe and grew up in the heart of a major city where NO ONE has space, they COULDN'T have stuff. Why did he know? I needed it!

    Well, after spending about a YEAR decluttering my house, I agree with him. Less is more. The only thing all my clutter taught me was to be very organized. I was spending so much time ORGANIZING clutter, that I never got to enjoy the "stuff" I had. And the ONLY reason I finally came to that conclusion was because we downsized homes by a LOT. The first two years here I was pregnant (and it was a difficult pregnancy) and had a small baby. I didn't USE almost half the stuff I "needed", so in the next year, I first organized everything we had, then started donating and selling it off. Who NEEDS 5 big rubbermaid containers of hallween decorations? Then ONE for Easter and about 4-5 for Christmas? Why did I have SOOOOOO many half used craft kits/items?, etc. So... little by little I pared down.

    When I started to get into diaper bags at first I had about 6, but I used like TWO!!! So, then again, one in, one out. It IS true that there were times I sold something and regretted it, but for the MOST PART? I feel so much better and housekeeping got TONS easier.

    That's why I'm trying to get the PERFECT bags for me and not settling on "this will work" and so far, it's meant I have a smaller collection and I USE them!!!!
  14. I did this the beginning of this year - sold everything, but didn't check carefully before doing so & left myself with almost nothing for bags. I also sold 1 I wish I had back....... but now I only have 7 really good leather bags - mostly mj collection that I love & then some cheapo throw around totes, travel bags that I don't really count. I may add 1 or 2 more but then I think I'm set for bags. 10 is plenty.
  15. berryblondeboys, thats so true! i spent so much time "organizing" my last house, but never really getting anywhere...i kept thinking what am i doing wrong?? well, we recently moved and i guess i finally figured it out...you have to get rid of stuff to truly be organized, otherwise, all you will be doing is organizing the same clutter over and over, once i started purging stuff, it was so much easier to keep everything organized and tidy.