Ever iron a plisse?

  1. i just received back from Paris my green (of course green!) Pareurs Oceane scarf from being PLISSED!!! It look FABULOUS. I have a few other plisse scarves, but there is one Grands Fonds that I'm thinking would perhaps look better...dare I say it...ironed flat. Ever done this? Ever heard of it being done? I would hate to do it, and the scarf just looking not square, but a lozenge-shaped version of what was once a pleated scarf! LOL!

    What do you think?

    Should I leave well enough alone?

  2. i always think dirty thoughts when i see the word plisse.

    i think if you feel like experimenting with $400, go for it! :smile:
  3. GF, great question--am also wondering if anyone has ever de-plissed before--either on purpose or not on purpose (i.e., dry cleaners did it)?
  4. yuppers,ahhh showa did, ahhh do declay-ah!!!
    i hand wash all my scarves in ivory baby or dreft baby liquid
    and i am loving it to pieces!!!
    I iron with a rowenta steam iron, thru an ironing sheet or half a pillowcase!
  5. oooooooo....I don't know, GF. I would think you could except you'd have light crease lines all over the dang thing.....those pleats are in so hard that I don't think they'd ever iron out without leaving some marks....
  6. heavens!!!!
    i dare send my plisse to the cleaners!!! no- never!!!
    sorry ladies, i am a bit goofy this here evenin'
    i had a very loooooooooong day at work!
  7. angie - you crack me up!

    Shopmom - that what I'm worried about - that I would just end up with, as my three year old would say - a "WIBBLY" scarf!
  8. WIBBLY????

    I think I like that word a lot!!!

  9. NOOOO, don't do it! Those pleats are so 'established' that I dare say that the scarf will look sad if you try to iron them out. If you really want it flat, take it into H and let them take care of it for you.
  10. de-wibblied.
  11. Yes, tell the H craftsman that you want your scarf de-wibblied....
  12. ^lmao
  13. Oh no! As I get older, do I get Wibbly? Wibblier?? Wibbliest?:wtf:
  14. het - crackin up at your "wibbly wibbly wibbly"!!!!!!!

  15. Don't worry, a session with my fantasy, Dr Christian Troy:p , will sort all the wibblies out.....