Ever in Italy?

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  1. is there ever been an Hermes meeting in Italy?
    how about one?
    waiting to hear from my fellow italian Hermes addicts!
  2. maryg1, I'd love to join you ladies when I visit Italy end of this year / early next yr! ;)
  3. Hi Maryg1 - i will be in Rome in mid-march............
  4. bagmoma, are you only visiting Rome or are you moving to north Italy too?
  5. How nice! Have you already a plan about the cities you're going to visit? PM me if you need any info, I'll try to answer you!
  6. are you in the north, maryg?

    i'm toying with the idea of an autumn trip to padova or the lakes. of course we could just as easily end up in sicily . . . or nowhere at all if i can't find a decent farm sitter. sigh.
  7. I'm in the north but south of Padova. I hope you find a good farm sitter, so you can relax and enjoy your well deserved trip!
  8. Hi Mary - just Rome this trip...........
  9. my favorite city in the world ~ love, love, love rome. have fun bagmoma!!!
  10. Anytime for me!
  11. Thanks DQ......

    Costa - are you near Rome..... my dates are March 10th-13th, depart early 14th...
  12. what would be best? Milan, Florence or Rome?

    Rome is the furthest for me, but I can take the train. A weekend in Rome in early spring would be nice.
  13. What about Florence? It could be half road for many of us, it's about 2 hrs by train both from Rome and Milan. I don't know about the Hermes store though!
  14. Ladies - let me know when you have decided - maybe I could get a short flight or even go by car, if it's in a period where I do have much time. I'd love to see Florence and Tuscany again. My last stay was 12 yrs ago; on my honeymoon.
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