Ever heard of Malababa!?

  1. really cute bags i came across on Shopbop today, after reading their newsletter.

    has anyone heard of them before? or own one of their bags? i wonder how good the leather quality is.


  2. I've seen these on Shopbop... Does anyone know what they're like IRL?
  3. I have seen the Malabab bags w/the chain straps (shown on Shopbop) at Barney's C:huh:p and the leather is just awesome.....nice n' thick......without being too heavy.
    I only wish that these chains were adjustable (they are NOT) - I would buy one in a heartbeat!
    As for the other bags - I think the leather is different, but based on the quality of their other bags, I would say "go for it".
    Any chance of calling ShopBop and asking them for their guidance?
    Sorry this isn't much info, but hope it helps.
  4. I'm seriously considering getting the Medium Carlota (the first pic) in Plum... It's in my shopping cart... yikes... what to do...:sweatdrop:
  5. Ahh! I love these bags! I realize this thread was May of last year, but I just discovered them in January so I was excited that someone had also heard of them. The first pic, I also wanted it in plum, and I had the money for it and I was all ready to buy it (oh maybe I should include that it was on SALE for like $130...amazing deal) but my parents needed me to lend them all my spending money. (oh, btw I'm only 16 and I don't have a job just babysitting and stuff)
  6. Where? Shopbop no longer carries them. They sold out like the day after it was marked down to $130
  7. Never heard of it! The brand name reminds me of some stupid Dutch carnival song :sweatdrop: I reaaaaally like those bags posted above though!
  8. I would say the leather on the malababa bags are like the leather on sissi rossi bags, divine :}
  9. Someone must have returned one because there is one left... What do you guys think?
    Malababa 01.jpg Malababa 02.jpg
  10. Anyone?:confused1:
  11. I love the color and texture. I like it! :tup:
  12. I've never heard but the leather looks yummy.
  13. I've seen them on shopbop also. I like them, I almost ordered one a while ago. I just got one of their necklaces--it's really nice, of course I can't compare the necklace to a bag :p
  14. After reading this thread, I went to check them out on shopbop and couldnt resist buying a couple of the sale bags.

    I got this one in blue for $114:

    And this one in black:


    Hopefully I love them!
  15. I have not seen them IRL, but they were featured in a magazine once and it highly recommended them. Lucky mag, I think.