Ever have your nice handbag stolen?

  1. We women (and men) hunt and hunt for the best deal on the nicest handbags, scouring the sales so we can afford these beautiful items.

    Have you ever had your nice handbag stolen?

    I think I might yell out...hey, keep the stuff inside! Leave the handbag! :nuts:
  2. I never had a handbag stolen, but I have been thinking about what I would do if it happened.

    I work at CVS in a kinda crappy area and a few weeks ago a woman got mugged in the parking lot and got her purse stolen.

    I bring my speedy to work with me and I was thinking the same thing if I got mugged, "keep the money and credit cards, but please leave my speedy!!"
  3. The only bag that was stolen from me was my Black Leather Loewe School Bag. I went on hiking with my friends and locked up my school bag in the trunk of my car. When I returned, my car was broken into and they stole my bag. Even to this day, I'm still looking for someone with a Black Leather Loewe School Bag. I know that if I ever see someone with it, that it's mine (Loewe is not a brand that people carry around here - just tourists). But, knowing the individuals who broke into my car, they probably wouldn't even know that Loewe is actually a high end designer bag and probably trashed it :shocked: when they didn't see any money in it.
  4. AH.... ever since I saw that episode of SATC where Carrie's bag & shoes are stolen... I get nervous in certain situations...
  5. OMG it doesn't bear thinking about, one of me limited Edition bags that couldn't be replaced I would truly freak out!

    I won't even use my LV luggage when flying in case I lose it.
  6. I had just gone to Europe, bought a lot of things, and someone stole everything. Among the bags were a Gucci Jackie O a Prada bowling bag, and 16 pairs of shoes (including my favorite shoes :crybaby:). Of course, the police didn't care. To this day, I still feel paranoid about having my belongings stolen.
  7. I agree!! :p Thank goodness, I've never had anything stolen though!

  8. I haven't but I knew somebody that did. She had bought a GORGEOUS handmade leather backpack in Belguim. It was stolen when she was working at a large department store. Turns out it was one of the cleaning crew that stole it. He threw all the bags he stole in the trash compactor:cursing: . She was sick when she found this out. She lost about $30 and had to cancel some credit cards but was devestated about the bag. It was truly one of a kind.
  9. No, but I had this fake Dior Saddle bag (got it from eBay and thought it was authentic, came with dust bag and authentic card but I suspected it was not real and the strap sort of cracked on the edge where it curves around my shoulder) and at the train station, I sensed in a split second that something was up and this girl tried to snatch it from me. Poor thing did not know it was coming!:roflmfao:
    I held on to my bag with one and punched her real good on the side of her face/neck area. She let go so fast and I don't even think that in the crowd that we were in, that no one noticed.
    The bag broke and I got it fixed and used it for the rest of the summer.
  10. I had a Prada wallet stolen out of a little backpack I was wearing at a festival when I went into a crowded bar. Really pissed me off because for a number of reasons, one being that I couldn't get into any bars after that to pee and had to go in an alley!

    I usually don't take a nice bag if I'm going to be going to a bar or walking out late at night. They can take my money but not my bag!
  11. OMGosh, I had given this some thought. I would be very upset if this was to happen, but I have been the victim of a major theft...my car with all my personal stuff in it, and I mean "ALL"....so I think that if my bag was stolen but they left my wallet, I would be thankful it was just my bag.
  12. No never, but if it did happen I would go out of mind. bad karma for who ever steals from another.
  13. Fifteen years ago I had a beautiful brown YSL drawstring bag, a present from DH and it was only the second time I used it. We were in a dodgy part of the Kings Road area in London, just to pick up something from DH's nephew, but ended up going inside for a quick chat. We could only have been gone 15 minutes, came back, window smashed and my beautful bag gone:sad: The worst part was, I had a brand new Christian Dior wallet and matching make-up bag in the bag and inside my wallet was a Cartier watch I was going to take in to have the battery replaced...DH was upset with the fact that his lovely black address book was gone (no, not that kind of little black book!;)), he never really managed to replace all those addresses.. But let's face it, how foolish can you be?? Never left my bag in the car since, but I still think about that yummy Cognac coloured YSL...:heart:
  14. Luckily, it has never happened to me, but I once gave my bag to my bf, and asked him to hold it for me for some reason. He later forgot about the bag and left it somewhere, so I was really really nervous for a while, until we found it. I always tell him that if we wouldn't have found it, I would have been forced to breaking up with him, since it was one of my favourite bags, lol ;)
  15. True. And since handbags are so personal, carrying something that is such a personal belonging of somebody else's definately means even more bad karma for the person that took it.