Ever Have One of Those Moments?

  1. Just wondering if you ladies ever have one of those times where you're off attending some kind of event and you thought to yourself, "Gosh darn it, if only I have a certain H bag, it would be so perfect for this occasion." ??

    I'm having one of those moments right now. I'm going to Cirque du Soleil's "Delirium" tonight at Staples Center (I'm dreading the drive and mileage from Brea to Downtown LA) and I found myself thinking that a fuchsia ostrich Birkin 30cm or a fuchsia ostrich sellier Kelly 28cm (especially this one) would be sooo perfect for this occasion.:crybaby:
  2. i'm love wearing black and white - i always dream of owning a cyclamen/violet kelly or birkin to add a punch of color to an otherwise boring B&W outfit! i have a purple JPG kelly puochette but i need a big purple bag for daily use! bwaaahhhh! :wtf: :wtf:
  3. I'm wondering what bag I have to have to spend time in Palm Beach/Wellington horseshow area this winter - I'm going slightly nuts about it - a garden party? My herbag? or both? It's dirty and horses DO things with your bags sometimes like nuzzle and slobber!
  4. I definitely know how you feel, Kou. I went to see Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden last night and fretted about which bag to wear. I couldn't bear the thought of bringing a bag that needed to be put down (although the lady in the row in front of me had no qualms about putting her gorgeous Chanel tote down on the disgusting, beer-soaked floor of the Garden) and remembered my mini Evelyne. It was the perfect you-don't-ever-have-to-put-it-down bag!

    So, what bag ARE you going to wear today?
  5. Hi Liz,

    IMO you should wear something wipeable, like Epsom or Togo. The toile in the GP and HB might not be so suitable for a horseshow.
  6. Thanks Hello though I have gotten away with the toile herbag worn messenger style before and wiped it down afterward though nothing slobbery happened those times. So maybe a garden party with strap in leather - the problem is I have to ask about whether they will replace the silk lining if anything unusual happens inside the bag! I think a trim is too cumbersome to tote around but I was also debating about that or an evelyne but I am afraid it might be too snooty at the horseshow for an evelyne! In any case as I will be there a while I have to have several!
  7. lizhanover, what about a tweed Garden Party tote?
  8. Still no idea yet. I guess when all fails I can wear my Kenneth Cole messenger bag. I suppose a Cirque du Soleil show at the Staples Center isn't anything formal. Still, would've been nice to tote a H bag there.
  9. Can't do that one as a friend has one and she will be at Wellington around that same time - LOL
  10. Hey Liz, I just got an Evelyne and I cannot sing her praises enough! IMO the perfect bag for a horseshow. She's a trooper but very elegant in an understatement kind of way.
  11. How about the potiron GPT? I just bought one and I adore it. It is so autumnal!
  12. while I know the Evelyne was used for horse brushes I am worried about the big H being too.......ostentatious or whatever - I know you wear it inside so maybe that is a good thought. what size did you buy and how tall are you? Thanks
  13. ^I love the banana charm with it! just perfect! :heart:
  14. I have a GM and am 5' 11". Will post pics later. I think a PM would also be fine.
  15. Oh this is soooo cute!!!!