ever have one of those days

  1. Ok, so normally I am a very go with the flow person and don't let much get to me, but today is already shaping up to be one of those days....

    First, I am on spring break (I'm a teacher) and it has been bitter cold (and might snow) so I can't enjoy the park and other fun outdoor activities with my almost 2yr old. He is going nutty being inside all day and I was really looking forward to having fun outside.

    In addition, my little guy broke out in hives yesterday and so of course, I spent all day yesterday checking him over to see if they were going away or not. At least, they didn't seem to bother him and the doctor said that he was fine, as long as he was acting like himself and didn't experience any trouble breathing (great phrase to freak out a mom!!). He also said that it is often hard to determine what causes them unless I can pinpoint something new or different that he ate (which of course I can't) or if I used a new soap (nope!).

    Next, dh just called and told me his car needs brand-new tires. This is in addition to the brake job he just had done a few weeks ago. Plus, my car needed (darn trucks on the highway that carry stuff and aren't covered). With that and the repairs to his car, we've spent over $1000 on car repairs in the last 6 weeks!!

    To top it off, we just had an oil delivery that cost $600 and our lake association fees are up to almost $500 for this year.

    Anyone else ever have just one of those days?
  2. AWE!SO Sorry!!!!
    Been there....eek..Last week I had my own little meltdown......sometimes I think its good to just cry sometimes..LOL...I swear.
    once it all builds up...eeeeek!!!!!
    My personal fave meltdown was pulling up in front of the hallmark store and crying in my car..ROFL..I swear.felt much better afterwards...heehee.
  3. Sorry you are having a bad day. I have had many of those myself. If it is so bad, it can only get better. :flowers: :smile:
  4. thanks Jill and tigerdrago28.

    Jill- How's Aruba? I wish I was somewhere tropical! Are you staying at the Renaissance again?

  5. My year has not gotten off to a good start at all! In fact it has sucked. The other day I went to McD's and ordered my cheeseburger without ketchup in the drive-thru. When I pulled away and relized it had ketchup on it - I brokedown! It was the worst and yet best meltdown ever! I felt so much better after letting it all out!

    addictedtopurses - I'm really sorry you are having such a rough day! Hope things start to go your way today!
  6. Sorry to hear that! Bad weather is no fun on vacation, and I am sure not helping :sad:
    Hope your son's hives go away soon.
  7. Things will get better. I felt as though I had a little black cloud following me & dh for months! But lately things have gotten a lot better.

    One weird thing though...the last 2 nights something has RANSACKED my back yard & my neighbors. Where we live is very rural & we are pretty sure it's a BEAR! Yup! That's right a BEAR! We have a lot of bird feeders & he has snapped the METAL poles in half! WTF? My yard is fenced in too & he is still coming in. The damage is way to severe for raccons & this am while letting my dog out (which is now a scary endeavour) I found the LARGEST turd I have ever seen in my life & I grew up w/ horses. So, we have a BEAR! GREAT! NOT SCARY AT ALL! (yes, that's a sarcastic tone). :shocked:
  8. Sorry to hear about the bear. We have them all the time in my neighborhood because our homes border woods. One time, dh was out running and he called me from his run to tell me that there was a bear sitting at the top of our road. Usually, they just stick to the backyards.
  9. sorry your having such a bad day hope its gets better fast :flowers:
    what does "dh" mean :confused1:
  10. Oh, Im having one of those months.... this month is my senior thesis presentation and im so nervous about it, I can eat/sleep.. when I do sleep, I dream about it... drives me nuts!

    I just feel that I cant focus on anything else because of that and cant wait until its done! Im so sorry about all of your troubles, and I know what its like to feel like youre always in a slump :sad:

    Tylisa- DH means dear/darling husband
  11. good luck with your thesis! What are you studying?

    When I was finishing my master's thesis, I used to always have the dream about having a final exam in a class that I hadn't been to all semester. Gotta love those anxiety dreams...........
  12. Um...I feel your pain. DH and I just received a letter from the IRS stating we owe $8,500 from back in 2005!!! WTF! Can't wait to tell him.....
  13. hey addictedtopurses, so sorry you're having a down day. I totally know what you mean and tending to 2 kids and one with hives probably doesn't make it easier. I have alot of those days actually when i throw my hands up in the air and i don't know what to do. you're not alone and i hope you feel better soon!
    take a nap or fix yourself something special to eat or have a nice bath. these things don't cure the issues but sometimes it helps a little *HUGS*

    MissyO - I hear ya too. My year started very badly.... Grrrr

    MassLaw15 - yes it's *ONLY* a bear. YEEeeks! hopefully he'll stay out of your way. don't store too much honey in the house =)
  14. OMG! Bears are not common were we live and DH & I both grew up in Boston. So...needless to say we're more used to seeing & being weary of drug dealers or prostitution! Now, Bears! Well, my family who is still in Boston are having a good chuckle @ us! Can't believe you see them so often! I would be freaked!

  15. :sweatdrop: and hubby or DH and I were complaining about 2k