Ever have dreams about LV?

  1. I usually do not remember my dreams but last night I dreamed about LV and I remember it in living color. :smile: I was not ever a fan of the alma design, but I dreamed I owned an alma in white multicolore. And in my dream I truly adored it! I have been having these sort of flashbacks all day today thinking about multicolore bags. I am more of a monogram lover and I have not owned an alma OR anything multicolore but this dream is haunting me to pursue a bit more variety in my handbag wardrobe. Has anyone here dreamed of an LV that they didn't really love or consider buying, but then have changing thoughts after dreaming?
  2. Sorry, I have never had an LV dream.
  3. I have! BUt mostly when I want something, and I tell myself I can't buy yet! Or when I am in here for too long, and on elux, I start dreaming. One dream I had was that I was at the LV store, and that I bought every bag and accessory that I wanted. It was such a nice dream!
  4. I have, similar to yours Impsola, where I have won a shopping spree, oh, the things to get ;)
  5. OMG ;) I will be buying my very first LV purse ever soon and for the past two weeks that is all I have been dreaming about ;) I'm sooo excited, but I'm still not 100% sure on which purse to buy ;(
  6. Yes I dreamt I worked there, it was a very vivid dream:upsidedown:
  7. Only EVERY night...well almost every night I have got it really bad!!!
  8. oh atlast someonebelieve me!!! haha I had a dream thatI was buiyng my perfo cles hahaha at least it came true... wellit was agift but i haveone, when Itold my mom it she was like

    "you need help desperately" :smile:
  9. um...i wish i have had the following dream...and that the dream came true..

    "i met mr. vuitton and he told me that im the lucky winner tonight, and that i'll never have to pay for any LV item again...and that i can go first thing tomorrow morning to the nearest store and pick up whatever i want!"
  10. I live and breathe LV! It's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing when I go to bed! My purse cabinet is against the wall at the foot of my bed! :lol:

    If I started dreaming about it, DH would kill me as I already talk about handbags all day long! :lol:
  11. It's a sign...
  12. It's a sign! LOL!
  13. I had a really great LV dream about a year ago (I keep a dream journal, so I record all my dreams). I was invited to this special viewing of new bags, and they were CRAZY! One bag was the shape of a Buddha's hand, and it had a orb in its palm, and was solid gold, and the other bag had some sort of exotic fur on it...it was a pretty odd, but fun dream.:nuts:
  14. I actually had one last night.. I went to go get my vernis houston bag and ended up getting a groom accessory while there too! But then I woke up and was quite sad because I have neither yet :crybaby:
  15. No, my dreams are usually more surreal.