Ever have a little birdy poo on you?

  1. LITERALLY. :wacko: Happened to me at school today... I was minding my own business, sitting outside, talking to classmates about our project and all of a sudden *plop!* and this white stuff runs down my forhead and sunnies... it didn't hit me for a second or two and the "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and the first thing I did was check my bag... :shame: My new spy got a splash of poo too.

    What a day... Why me... WHY??????????
  2. That sucks! I am always paranoid about birds. Especially around the university union at my school. There are tons of pigeons and crazy black birds that like to hang around there.
  3. yuck! sorry to hear that happened....my bunny was outside playing in the backyard the other day and a bird pooped on him! poor guy didn't even know it!
  4. this happened to me once too.....right on the top of my head....it was the most mortifying/disgusting/repulsive/nasty thing that's ever happened to me.......

    your poor spy.........i get you were more freaked out about the bag than you were about the poo on you tho :lol:
  5. Its never happened to me, but my PUTZ of an ex husband got it, right in the mouth once!! Was great!I will LOL forever!!!
  6. It's never happened to me but it did happen to my older brother. Thought he was "cool" tooling thru the neighborhood in his new convertible Corvette. Plop! Right on the top of his head. I was elated! ;)
  7. ^ men and cars...wonderful story!!

    This happened to me when I was at boarding school...(a million years ago) BUT I was walking to a bar...to drink MD 20/20 like a good catholic girl and PLOP....right in my freshly crimped 80's aqua net hair do...(still had my md 20/20....puked on the nun coming in to sign in before curfew and my Dad could not make a big enough donation to keep me in...) great story... sorry you got pooped on!!
  8. It happened to me once at school too. I was sitting in front of a lecture hall with my friends. All of the sudden, this watery white stuff was on my hand. I didn't know what it was at first, so I freaked out and screamed. I caused quite a scene :shame: It was so embarrassing. Ever since then, I'm always so paranoid about being pooped on.
  9. I've heard that that is "good luck" so maybe something very good will happen to you now!!
  10. thank goodness NO! *knock on wood*
  11. It happened to me at Disney World. I'm used to it tho...since I have my own parrot :smile:
  12. I think that's one funny bird poo story.

    As for me, I'm nice and showered now... my poor spy has been cleaned and conditioned... and I am hoping this is a sign of good luck!!! :shame:
  13. I got hit so hard by a wild bird one time I thought I got shot. :cry: I was walking with my husband and got hit in the shoulder so hard it actually knocked me back. It was the biggest poop we ever saw. :sick: My husband thought I got hit by a rock. These days I have three parrots so I get pooped on quite often. No biggie.:amuse:
  14. Hhahah, i too have heard that from my mom. Sadly its happened to me a few times. My luck with birds :sad2: . And once I got poop on right in front of this guy when we first started dating...nice huh. I have yet to see any good luck...but oh well.
  15. i had it once too on my shoulders..yeuw i tell you!:Push: