Ever have a COACH dream before?

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  1. :nuts: I know some of us dream about bags in our sleep, so have you had a dream about coach?
  2. I had my first last night, where because the framed wristlets weren't built properly, you know how the snaps don't match up, they were selling them from 50-60 dollars. And I was calling sprinkles frantically to get like three of them. LOL:roflmfao:
  3. Well...for the past few nights I have been dreaming that the bf was sorry for being mean and went to coach and got me the Soho Multifunction Tote in Dark Brown and filled it with ponytail scarfes, charms, wristlets, and a dog collar for our dog. Ahh a girl can ONLY dream.
  4. I have in the past had occasional dreams about being in a Coach store. Since joining the pf I have had several more about all kinds of bags!
  5. Yes! I seem to have many dreams of Coach. One i remember is me owning every style Coach bag in the world.
  6. Oh man, I dream about work stuff so much which I mean is basically Coach since i'm there 45-50 hours a week!
  7. :wtf: 45 - 50 hours a week??? I sure hope you get some sort of vacation soon!!
  8. We have all snapped:upsidedown: ! I dream about alot of bags.
  9. It's the holidays! I expected it, I'm clocked in 40 hours / 5 hours of lunches and anything extra is my choice because there's soooo much to do.
  10. Aarti....do we need an intervention? LOL.:roflmfao::graucho::upsidedown:
  11. ^^LOL no, I just need some good ole sleeping pills. That'll do the trick.:P
  12. But in my defense, I only own one wallet/wristlet, one big wristlet, one small wristlet, three scarves oblong/skinny/ponytail (and one square but I consider that a work of art :P ), and a charm and keyfob, pair of flats, and thats like it sadly.
  13. I did before. It was odd and entertaining. It was when I first really got into Coach. BF calls that time of my life Coach Fever.
  14. tsk tsk. that just won't do.

    come shopping with ME and you'll end up with...well...a LOT more. :graucho:
  15. Welcome back! I hope you had a great time. And did any bags come home with you?