Ever happened to you?

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  1. Your friend has a crush on someone, and he/she showed his/her crush to you, then you started liking that person too.

    What would you do if you are caught in this situation?
  2. Be a friend and back off...or at least until your friend no longer has an interest in that person.
  3. This used to happen all the time in high school haha. I'd just cool it until she loses interest.
  4. I never did that but it seemed to happen to me plenty.
    On behalf of your 'friend', don't let a male come between you two.
  5. Agreed. This has happened to a few of my friends in the past... *sigh*

  6. ITA ^^^^^:heart:
  7. Is it normal though?
  8. I dunno if 's normal, but it has happened to me. If they're really your friend, back the hell off! Usually, when it happens to me, it's just a little infatuation thing. Not true love or anything like that.
  9. 'normal' is subjective!:lol:
  10. It's totally normal. You can't control who your attracted to.

    This happened to me....with me and my SISTER!!!

    Whoa....I never said a word though, and forced myself to forget about it. NOTHING was worth hurting my sister like that!!
  11. Yes and I let it go because it wasn't worth my friendship.
  12. when tht happens to me, i just keep it to myself!
  13. to give you a different perspective: i was always the friend with unrequited feelings back in my single days. it honestly didn't bother me that much when my friends dated my crushes (even serious, multi year ones). i always figured obviously my crush was nothing more than crushing, so someone should be happy. this way two people i care about are happy and i'm no worse off. :shrugs: usually my crush faded as soon as i knew what the person was like in a relationship.

    i think it depends on the friendship and your friend's personality. some people can handle rejection (which is basically what this is). some can't. only you will know how your friend will react.
  14. I'd say back off too. You can find another guy to crush on...a friendship is worth more.
  15. I agree with everything said. Friends are more important.