Ever had your cles fall apart? It happened again!

  1. It happened again!
    Yesterday I posted about how the bottom metal thing of my cles fell off - so I put it back on - seemed sturdy enough. Then today the other one fell off.
    Are you freakin kidding me???

    I want to send it to LV to get fixed but now I am really doubting it's authenticity. (I got it on eBay) Plus I stuck my shnoz in it and it smells faintly like moth balls - which makes me think it might have some from somehere is Asia and I know that they have some damn good fakes there.
    If it is fake I don't want to send it to LV and have them laugh at moi.

    I've already shown pics of heatstamp, datecode etc. All look really good.
    So now here are some pics really close up so you can see the texture.


    A picture of the underneath where the hardware fell off.


    This is a picture of the side - my flash makes the glazing look 'redder' than it actually is.

    clesclose2.jpg clesside.jpg clesclose.jpg
  2. I would take it is to the store, they can probably send it for repair better than you can do.
  3. Eek..I have never seen anything like that before!
    It looks real to me...please post a picture of the heat stamp on the inside and at least say what the date code is since it's hard to get a pic in that piece.
    Anyway, i'm pretty certain it's real, so I'd take it into LV to see what they say about it..that shouldn't be coming off like that..
  4. wth. take it to the store, don't tell them it's from eBay either. say it was a gift. that is crappy craftmanship. either that or it was beaten by the previous owner
  5. Your cles definitely looks real to me. I would take it to your nearest LV store, ASAP. It must be defective.
  6. I am sorry this has happened to you. It looks authenticate to me so I would take it to LV to see if they can repair it.
  7. Oh that is bad! Just take it to the store, and don't say you got it from eBay!
  8. Wow! I can't believe they both fell off! That cles looks real to me...
  9. I can't believe this all happened in just a few days after getting the item. I would go to a Louis Vuitton boutique and have them look at it in the near future. Keep us posted!
  10. I got a sort of pic of the date code CA0064
    Ya - I'll say it was a gift - that way I don't look like a chump ;)


  11. Looks fine to me, I'd definitely take it it !
  12. it looks real to me, hope the store can fix it for you, keep us update!
  13. I feel so bad.. it definitely looks real. Take it back to the store and see what they say. Good luck on fixing her, I hope it works out.
  14. It looks real enough. Take it back to the store but DONT mention anything about ebay. They Should be able to fix it. For free or not is another matter!
  15. take it to them and see if you can have both metal pieces replaced. i would love for mine to be replaced...they're all scratched up. scratches bother me. lol.